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    Timeclock Software


    by holmeswd40 ·

    I’m curious what kind of timeclock software do people use? Currently I am using Infinitime.. which hasn’t been the greatest since it can be extremely slow at times. We have been thinking about getting new software but I don’t know what ones are considered good ones. I’ve been told Infinitime is one of the lesser quality ones.

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

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      by holmeswd40 ·

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      by himdownstairs ·

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      It can be either used from a physical timeclock or it can be web based. Works great.

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      Attendance Enterprise

      by john ·

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      We use Attendance Enterprise by InfoTronics. We use it as web-based internally but it is also compatible with network based badge readers. Our payroll Dept. loves it as well as our employees. You can set it to keep up with Vacation and Sick Time so that anyone can view how much time they have as well as request vacation days right from the web interface.

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        Any complaints?

        by holmeswd40 ·

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        Have you guys had any problems with your software at all? Such as any random crashes or being extremely slow? When multiple people are trying to clock in at once does it slow down much? Just like to get ideas of any pros and cons about em if you do have any.

        We have so many problems with the software we have right now, it requires random server restarts throughout the week because it just stops working altogether for some reason, and slows down so much when multiple users are trying to clock in at the same time.

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          by john ·

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          No complaints at all. The only time we see a slow down is at 5pm (end of day here) and even then the most I have seen it take is about 30 seconds to load the webpage. Our company has about 175 employees. I run AE on a Win2000 Server box and I have never had to restart it due to any problems with AE.

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      Easy Time Clock

      by shhite ·

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      We use It is simple and cheap. No complannts on our side.

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