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From what I have read - esp in relation to the "grace period" and despite the implied "opt-IN" feature of the new aspect of FB, is it planned to push this out to existing FB customers as a compulsory feature - even if a user does NOT want it?

It also begs the question that if the user - by opting in - can access ALL posts EVER made, then FB also has this historical data and one wonders WHY they archive such depth of dataand to what use they put it! given FB past insecurities, what will now prevent some clever developer tweaking Timeline to allow ANY user from accessing ALL of your posts, even if your current settings arer so restrictive that only a very select few can interact with you on FB?

VERY CONCERNED (only from a privacy stand-point; I do not and never have or will post anything on FB that I would not say in person to any pertson in the world ever!)

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Well the reality is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Timeline COMPULSORY?

If you where the slightest bit concerned about Privacy you wouldn't have a FB Account let alone actually post anything to it.

Anything you place on FB becomes their propriety so they are free to do as they please with it after all you gave it to them so what can you honestly expect to happen?

This is nothing new and has been the Backbone of FB since it's inception there is no such thing as Privacy to protect yourself you make everything freely available for everyone. The idea being there will always be others with more interesting than you. So what have you got to worry about?

Timeline is just an extension of the Guiding Principle behind FB nothing new there.


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