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timing for salary negotiation in a big 4

By jiansec ·
Recently, I got an on-site interview of a big 4 firm. Today, HR gave me call said I got all positives from the interviewers. The application will be presented to the partner of the division for approval. She welcomed me to ask any questions.

That is one thing I eager to know but not dare to ask: Salary. She only mentioned it in initial phone interview around 65K. At that time, she thought my profile matched to an advanced entry-level position. But during the interview, I felt myself matched to Senior position. ( they have opennings for Senior too.)I told the manager that I wanted to work in Senior level.

Should I ask the salary and title now or I wait until they give me the offer then negotiate it? Which method is more acceptable ? do the big 4 firms have rooms for salary negotiation? or they just have very rigid structure?

BTW, what is the average salary for a security professional with 2~3 years experiences in New York? My friend told me that NYC is an expensive city and 65K is just a survival living level.

Thanks for your time for this long text. I appreciate your answers.

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Everybody has room for negotiation.

by JamesRL In reply to timing for salary negotia ...

Start with negotiating the title first: If they decide you are senior you should not accept $65K. Even if the title is junior, you should not necessarily accept the first offer.

I don't work in a big 4, nor have I worked in New York, but I have worked for a Fortune 100 and currently work for a large corporation. As a hiring manager I know there is always some room for negotiation - if you offer one salary, you can usually go a few thousand higher. The risk is that there is someone else who they might be willing to hire who would take the lower salary, and you could price yourself out. If you are offered $65 - suggest $70 and see what happens.


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by gpastorelli In reply to timing for salary negotia ...

I would definetly not take what they give you. If they want to give you $65,000 depending on how confident I'd go as high as $75,000. I never worked in NY, but I did live there for a while and a salary of $65,000 would barely afford you a studio apt. in manhattan. I live in the Poconos, PA (1.5 hours from Manhattan) and most ppl here commute to Manhattan. It's much cheaper to live here and take the bus into the Port Authority.

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