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Tips for getting promoted to IT Managment?

By techwritergirl ·
I know many desktop specialists and help desk workers hoping to break in to management. What characteristics are looked at most when promoting (or hiring) someone for IT Management? Education? Customer Service skills? Tech skills?

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Help Coworkers

by Wayne M. In reply to Tips for getting promoted ...

The key characteristic for management is "plays well with others." Try to help others be more effective.

If someone is struggling with a problem, take time to help him. Write up a decision tree on how to solve a particular problem, get coworkers to contribute to it, and print it or e-mail it around. Volunteer to assist the "problem" help desk caller and try to win him over.

Management is about getting other people to do work and do the work well. People skills are necessary to get people to do the work and technical skills are necessary to help them do the work well.

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Method is simple, ancient, and reliable

by jkameleon In reply to Tips for getting promoted ...

Adulate, fawn, toadeanate, bootlick.

> What characteristics are looked at most when promoting (or hiring) someone for IT Management?

Sychopancy, toadyism, wheedling, servility.

I know, I know, my advice suxx, and it shouldnt be like this. But it is.

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IT Management - aka 'Boys Club'

by Judy62 In reply to Tips for getting promoted ...

My experience within IT, is if you are not crawling up the 'boss's rear end' (being polite), or a male, then there is no way being a female is going to get you anywhere.

I was in a Management position within IT until recently. My Boss finally had his way had the only remaining female manger on the floor removed. He made some lain brain excuse that my position was made redundant, but I read between the lines. There are now NO female managers within IT and he is happy about that.

I do not believe in 'getting into bed with the boss' just to get ahead. If you can not make it on your own merits, then don't bother getting into IT.

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by ThomasRWright In reply to IT Management - aka 'Boys ...

This is so completely untrue. My boss is a woman - my last boss was a woman - her boss is a woman. We have women VP's, directors, Sr Managers, Managers, etc. It's about skills and results.

MAYBE your boss is sexist - if so, then there are laws to deal with that. If not, then maybe you need to see what value you are/were providing to your company.

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It's not's reality more than you know.

by ManiacMan In reply to Rubbish!

Sexism and the "Good Ole Boys" club mentality is alive and well in the corporate world and I've experienced it first hand. I've even seen racial and religious discrimination rear its ugly head in the prevention of some people moving into managerial roles. Why would a particularly attractive secretary be the highest paid among others in an office when it's quite clear based on her lkack of intellect that she couldn't even balance her own checkbook, let alone perform simple arithmetic and manage her boss's schedule? The answer is because she is screwing around with the boss and her higher pay is no different than her prostituting herself for money.

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Organizational Culture

by dls_cio In reply to IT Management - aka 'Boys ...

This is your boss way of creating an work environment in which makes him comfortable. It's important directors establishes an managerial team best fit for thier stlye, weakensses, strengths and eliminate future challeges. Never make assumptions- to know a person you will have to go back in thier life to discover what makes them the way they are. Your boss may decide not to have women around due to complications in communicating in a professional manner or he may have been flasely accused of harassment at some point. We just don't know! But, you have the skills to compete in a global economy against the best.

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by bbeckett2000 In reply to Tips for getting promoted ...

Oh that one's easy. Same answer to getting into management period, be a yes man

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*EDITED*-kissing 101 is a prerequisite course for this

by ManiacMan In reply to Easy

Another "elective" that can be substituted for *EDITED*Kissing 101 is "Backstabbing and cut-throat tactics 101". For the ladies, there is a special prerequisite course called "Sleeping with the boss for a promotion 101". Is this politically correct? No, but it's reality!

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Am I not allowed to say the "a" word alternative for buttocks? Oops my bad

by ManiacMan In reply to *EDITED*-kissing 101 is a ...

If so, then forgive me for my won't happen again. Sorry Beth, my sincerest apologies.

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It Management

by jp-mattenet In reply to Tips for getting promoted ...

First, no matter what others may say, Don't let anyone tell you that you can't became a Manager because you are not a boy. It is simply not true.
Yes it may not be as easy, but as a woman you bring a different style of management that you can use to your advantage. Don't try to be one of us, use the differences to your advantage.

As what to learn:

1. Start with been a tool for the others. A good manager is a facilitator.

2. Cultivate active listening: talk with your colueagues and offer help when requested. But primarily listen..and then ask them the solution.

3. Get a higher view on what is the task at hand at the management level. Look for things that can be improved and volunteer to do them or Just start showing the example.

Keep in mind that good Management is not at all the same as good technical skils. By talking the Management lead, you will have less time to actualy do technical stuff, and most of your time will be spent on organizing, facilitation and controlling...

Management is about learning how to facilitate other peoples work, so the team can perfom better.

Things to learn:
1. Comunications Skils. Learn how to comunicate effectively. learn how to read other peoples body language, and how to address people concerns.
2. Delegation Skils: learn how to plan and delgate work effectively.

And most important, find a tutor on your organization that can help you to achieve your goals. Ask him for help,and review your plans with him periodicaly.

Hope this helps, best luck.
Juan pablo

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