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Tired of being a small fry, should i find a Job?

By TBaba ·
I have a SOHO with a number of clients, but feel i need experience in a corporate environment to develop my career and meet bigger players. I've engaged in Wide Area Network projects and Broabdand Internet Provision as well of a host of other ICT Services with my small company but we only deal with individuals or other small companies or government institutions. All with very little paper work or organisation needed. I feel to really develop my career i need to work in a fairly large coporation to get a sense of corporate business and build on that so that after a couple years of work, i can use the experienced gain to continue my own business and probably with much larger szied clients.

I dont even mind starting from the bottom. I belive my past exprience will put me (in time) in a position of more responsiblity.

Also i dont have any certfification mainly bcos i never really needed it. All my present clients i got to know from other clients so there's really no need to prove my compentency. Verubody just knows i'm good at what i do. but if i go through with ICT job searching (which i have already started a little) i dont think all my experience will be taken serious without any certification.

So the question is, should i look for a corporate job and b'cos of it get certification with an aim of building myself career wise; or should i forget about all that and concentrate on my SOHO maybe i could make it big one day? Thanks

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Depends on your aims

by Andrew Martin In reply to Tired of being a small fr ...

Hey TBaba

Two questions for you to answer:
1. What do you want to do? Do you want to stay a SOHO (Business of One - BOO) or do you want to grow your business to have employees, larger offices, etc.
2. Are you making enough money to afford a reasonable lifestyle? You know are you paying the bills- putting money in the bank, etc.

In my opinion you are not as small as you seem to think if you are - especially doing Gov't work.

As for getting business by referral - this is ideal. It is the only way to get good repeat business.

As for certifications - I don't have any myself, I have always proved my competency at every job I have ever worked, but then I have a trade (4 year apprentice background) in Telelcommunications and Electronics so I have more than enough to go from.

However, as I am looking to go into business myself in the near future I am looking at getting an MCP for a start. This at least gets you to MS Certification level. Will I go beyond that - I am not sure. Maybe - depends on what I concentrate on and what the market wants.

It helps if you can join or become part of a local trade or other Tech organisation to allow you to meet and mingle with others in your circle to see if there are needs there that you can fill.

I am aiming to have employees within 2 years and grow the business to be a mid-sized company. If you want to stay in business and grow you have to get tech hands off and management hands on so perhaps business courses, etc may suit you better should you choose this course.

Hope this helps in some way.

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