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    Tired of the hacking


    by jerry9876 ·

    I have a serious issue with hacking on all levels. I have been targeted by hackers since July 2011. The past year of my life has been extremely difficult. It all started when my wife decided to get at&t last summer. I wasn’t to excited about it, then the hacking took place from there. An att worker came to our house to set up the cable. We already had wifi and the phone set up with the company. After he left, my phone was hacked and the gps tracked me down. Every since that day I have been under a microscope by these hackers. Every phone I purchase is always hacked. If you were to walk into my house right now your phone would be compromised and there goes the spider web to your family of communication. Every website I go to is viewed. My email accounts have all been hacked and I’m sent email daily about how they feel about me. As I stated before, we already had att house phone service. The day they hacked my family’s att system they changed her number. Then they changed it back the next day after her complaints. It takes tiger blood to endure these attacks. They watch the progress of my family’s going and comings all the time. Im followed from home to and from always as all because of this technology. I can’t make phone calls from my house because they have access to every phone in the house through the wifi, phone call logs, wiretapped phones, viewed websites, hacked emails. What do I need to do? They will be reading this to.

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      by jerry9876 ·

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        Request for Clarification

        by jannnnnn ·

        In reply to Clarifications

        Jerry, when you say immediately after the AT&T installer left, your phone was hacked & the gps tracked you down, what do you mean? What happened exactly? If someone has access to your email account, call AT&T at once and be ready to show them the evidence that someone has hacked their network to get to you. I’m going to bet that’s covered in the agreement you’ve made with them.

        Also, do you have any children older than say… 11 years old. Are you sure the hacking isn’t coming from inside your own house?

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        Request for Clarification

        by purpleskys ·

        In reply to Clarifications

        jannnnnn….we haven’t seen Jerry since he posted this…heaven knows where he went

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      Turn your wifi off

      by slayer_ ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      Also, to hack your wifi they have to be in range, so find them and shoot them (only if your American, if any other nationality, you should call the police)

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      if you think AT&T is the main reason

      by purpleskys ·

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      you’re under attack, ditch AT&T…find a more secure product…better firewall…but honestly, how do you know they’re doing all this…including following you all over the place?

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      Will I really think you should

      by darryl~ ·

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      go to the store & buy some industrial strength tin foil & fashion hats for yourself and all visitors to your house….that should take care of the problem.

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      You’re done for, that’s for sure!

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      Are the big black SUVs parked across the street from your house? You’re probably
      under surveylance. Try not to make eye contact with the occupants, unless you’re
      wearing mirrored sunglasses. Satellites in orbit are probably trained in on your house
      as well…don’t look up when you’re outside, and always walk in a “sepentine” fashion,
      and take a different route to your destinations, irregardless of mode of transport…
      watch for those SUVs, they’ll follow you if you’re spotted, so slip out a rear-facing window.
      If this doesn’t help, you may have to move to Oregon. Which means you’ll need to
      sell everything..just remember to erase any digital storage devices (computer hard
      drives, USB sticks, MP3 players, cellphones, etc.) using NSA level deletion. When
      you sell everything, use a pseudonym and “cash only” basis, sold as is, no warranty.
      When you get to Oregon, try your best not use any type of modern electronic device,
      maybe a pay-as-you-go phone for emergency only. Be modest in your living quarters,
      no mansion, a small 2 room cabin is good, and an older off-road type vehicle…
      don’t want to attract attention. Make all your purchases in cash only, don’t open
      a bank account, no credit card, etc unless you use your pseudonym, and then
      only use occasionally. You might need a hunting rifle and ammo, but don’t buy one
      of those “assault” rifles, that just raises suspicion. No flashy living, no extravagances,
      and be watchful…if you see the big black SUVs, they may be searching for you, you’ll
      have to pack up and move again…good luck…
      or, you could relax, have a beer, call a psychiatrist and set up an appointment next week
      and work out some issues!

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      What’s the reason for the hacking??

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      Somewhere you stepped on somebodies toes. What do you have, money, access or secret info?? I find it strange that anyone would ever think to steal what I have when there are millions more that have so much more and are more accessable. Recently retired but still working full time, I do operate a server out of my home but all it has is photos and music collected by others on the home network. Can’t get into the WIFI unless you’re inside so no body even knows a network exists. If WIFI is the access point, get a new one and intentionally reduce the range by putting it in a closet or build a Faraday cage around your house.

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      try this

      by jeff.gibbs.mcp ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      It sounds like you potentially have a lot of different things going on here. Not sure why somebody would find you such an interesting target other than outright sadism. Take a look at this It may help you solve some or all of your issues yourself.

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      Dis-identify with paranoid thoughts

      by frankgifford ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      You seem to be experiencing paranoid thoughts. It is quite normal; nearly everyone has them. However, what you describe is now moving towards dysfunction. A way to approach this is to stop attaching self to your thoughts. Rather, experience yourself as the awareness prior to thought and feeling.

      You can pick up two really good books quite cheap on Amazon to help with this process. “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth”. Good Luck

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      Ever hear og Gas Lighting

      by dayen ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      My sister had a problem like this she was gas Lighted, with some people you get more bang fpr the buck, he did a few things and she started to think everthing that went wrong he cause, so if your like that I can hack your phone or computer one or more time and everything that happens after that you think I did, yea I belive you piss someone off and their either like Bob real smart with computers or know some one like Gary who is a covert Hacker for the goverment with a bad sence of hummor, and that my friend will push you over the edge, so you need help either way, so If it true find your own hacker or someone id covert opts

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      Lock it down!

      by rob kuhn ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      To add to PurpleSky’s comment, a year(?) of this seems pretty long and I would suspect that in that time you have sufficient evidence?

      Someone mentioned that in order to be hacked via the WiFi that they’d have to be in range of your signal – this is true. However it could also mean that you have been hacked fro the inside (infected) which could have opened a port on your firewall.

      I assume you have also done a COMPLETE virus and malware sweep on EVERY computer in you home? Do not just use one AV program either. There a are a number of free online virus and malware checkers that do a decent job.

      Password protect your computers and anything that connects to your network. If they are passworded, change it!

      Lock down your router. By default it’s probably set to allow all out going traffic.

      I would go as far as to lock it down to where only port 80, 443, and whatever e-mail ports your ISP uses are allowed out; nothing should be allowed in. Go to Gibson Reserch ( and run their “Shields Up” to help look for any open ports.

      Monitor your router logs after you lock it down. In fact I’d use somethiing like to help you monitor your Internet activity.

      I would also review their privacy policy (the one you signed and agreed to when you started service) and see if anything listed by the policy is not being met to your statisfaction. If AT&T does not agree and believes that they are within the policy then take your evidence and seek out a lawyer.

      All that said, since it doesn’t seem that any real damage has occured such as theft of your identity then I would consider yourself lucky that it’s only been limited to “pranks”.

      Good luck and hope this helps.

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      If this is a serious post, and not troll-bait

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      Your best bet is to power off all your electronic devices, borrow a friend’s phone (they cannot hack those as fast), and make an appointment with your doctor.

      I know it’s not likely but just in case they implanted a chip in your ear or something, your doctor would be the only one who would spot that. (these chips DO show up on an Xray and doctors can spot it right away if you have had a chip implanted).

      Most hospital emergency rooms are also equipped with the electronic scanners (a type of RFID reader) needed to detect when a chip has been implanted in a person.

      If you go there and ask, they can do a free scan (similar to the way some auto parts stores do a free code-scan of your car computer). The chip implant is the likely reason you’re getting hacked so easily, but only a trained medical professional can spot this sort of thing, so don’t wait too long to do this.

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      Root your phone

      by bigwoodchuck ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      Assuming, as someone pointed out, that this is not troll bait then:

      If you have an android phone, “root” it. (I would say cyanogen). This would at least allow you to escape gps tracking. The reason a firmware update is necessary is that the gps reporting cannot truly be disabled in the OS. It is actually a OSI level 2 issue. You will also have much easier control over the various permissions. Cyanogenmod has a good site and wiki, by the way. Also, as Rob Kuhn mentioned, take a look at the rest of your home ecosystem, especially your firewall / router. If you are a bit technical, it might be a good idea to put up a pfSense box.

      If you have an iphone, I have no idea (other than still checking out your firewall, of course).

      Best of luck…

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      It spreads

      by tushcloots ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      to anyone reading your question, just by being on this page! They somehow hacked into my system using the hard wiring of the internet when they decided to keep track of all your posts, and now everyone that reads them!

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      by thomas467 ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      simply answer is to learn how to hack/ you can,t stop it if you don,t understand how its being done in the first place

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      I agree. he is insane.

      by conspiritech ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      If this shit is really happening you have way bigger problems than insecure computers

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      Re: Tired of the hacking.

      by techguymsdst ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      I would not be so quick as to put this guy down as needing a doctor’s visit or being crazy.
      The reason I believe him is virtually the same thing is happening to me. The exception is that I used to use AT&T wifi at a local coffee house.

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        Reponse To Answer

        by dogknees ·

        In reply to Re: Tired of the hacking.

        So, you’re being followed everywhere? Your phone company details are being modified by others?

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      Re: Tired of the Hacking

      by sonnybee ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      Re: mjd420nova Welcome to the world of the Industrial Military Complex!! Thanks to Sen. Saxby Chambliss Co-Chair of the Intell Committee, and a member of the AG Committee, a smart piece of Grant & Aid from the AG Committee, of $1.2 Trillion (yes Trillion) was appropriated to the Telecoms for the purpose of expanding Internet Service to Rural America.
      ATT&T got a sizable chunk of these funds. The hook was that they ( the telecoms) had to use DOD servers!!! You can prove this by quirky whats my ip, then do reverse ip lookup
      to obtain the host, and don’t be ireked when it comes bak DOD System Server at some Military Base or Missle Silo, or Recruitment Station. I have Windstream, and am being hosted by The 754th Electronic System Group, @ Maxwell AFB Gunter Field , Montgomery
      Al. This protocol allows them, ( the Military to bypass the FISA requirement) to monitor all email, internet activity, photos, all business and private communications. This is done by the BPL protocol (Broadband over PowerLInes) . As long as your box is plugged in they have access. If I forget to disconnect the powercord ( with modum disconnected ) they write to my machine. All the open source people need to wake up and do some research to come
      up with a solution to this problem. Oh yes Google is part of the complex too. Google Earth
      is a protocol for hacking, try playing to play freecell with the Wifi disconnected , power supply
      disconnected, and fighting for control of your mouse pointer. This almost blew my mind,
      until I researched that Titanium does not transmit or allow the passage of RF. The earlier
      Macs all had Titanium cases. Take you VOM using DC setting plug it into you wall socket and look at the DC volts it displays. .06 to 2.68 volts will show a DC wrapper on the AC line.
      This is BPL, it passes right thru the firewall goes to the application layer, and transport layer of the processor, and is operational as long as the mobo is hot ( green pilot light on)
      It uses the computer cam, and sound or any other program available to RPC.

      You’re not crazy just misinformed!!! How about it any solutions?

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        Reponse To Answer

        by tushcloots ·

        In reply to Re: Tired of the Hacking

        And thus, they catch every spammer, botnet, revolutionary groups(anonymous), identity theft rings, bank frauds etc., so I’m all for it. I give them 50 bucks a week to keep using bittorrent. They didn’t find the humor, though, when I installed my remote cam into my toilet bowl that week I had food poisoning.

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      Area 51

      by netlord69 ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      This is all the result of a deal between the CIA and the aliens at Area 51. They would give us the technology if we would return the bodies of the aliens that crashed at Area 51. The alien bodies were still in perfect condition after over 50 years. They can do anything they want to do to all of our electronics. You have been chosen as a test case and they simply follow you everywhere you go and watch everything you do. This deal was worked out by the Bush family because George H.W. was the Director of the CIA. I would not worry about it. Once they figure out how it works they will leave you alone. The aliens did not leave instruction for how to use it!

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        Reponse To Answer

        by oh smeg ·

        In reply to Area 51

        Sorry but Area 51 is so last week we all know that the scary place that must not be seen is Area 52. 😉

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      by wiske57 ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      You need to quit smoking that shi* man, you have lost it!

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      Re: Tired of the hacking

      by techguymsdst ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      You know this guy is not crazy or nuts. You know that! Could it be possible that each of you have something to do with his difficulties?

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        Reponse To Answer

        by purpleskys ·

        In reply to Re: Tired of the hacking

        Sure, like we have nothing better to do with our time. What on earth would make you think something like that?

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      Don’t worry..

      by jsargent ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      It’s perfectly normal. Just continue as you were and there won’t be any problems. P.S You don’t mind if we order Pizza on your card we’re getting pretty hungry across the road here.

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      Reply to Jerry – hacking and being follow gps tracking

      by nsadmi ·

      In reply to Tired of the hacking

      Jerry, I have going thru this for the last 9 years and everybody think you crazy, they have accuse me of everything and now trying to make me look like a bank robber. Jerry document your actions everyday and best description of the people. I have documentation on these people for the last 15-20 years and do not keep the documentation at your place, store away from your location . The people are dangerous and I have been trying to get MSNBC & CNN to do a special on this . There over 3.1 million people in the same situation you & I are in. Some the critics in this blog, take to the attachment and go the website in the attachment read about this. Once read it “ASK MSNBC & CNN” do special on it. If we can get enough people, we can expose the people.

      Subject: Target Individuals & Bogus Investigations
      CNN & MSNBC,
      I am in a state of being Procrustes every day. Please do special on Target Individuals please. These are people are blind to color, watch and see.

      Thank you for taking the time, to under stand what these people are doing and trying to convict me of and it not true. I have some “You Tubes Videos” I would like for you to watch and read the comments of them as you watch them. These people, I do not know who they are and why they are trying to convict me of something, I have not done. Each day, I keep a log of who I been around and where I been and fax a copy to special place.
      We have been tag as Targeted Individuals ( TI ) there about 3.4 millions of in US along is going thru this harassment and it getting worst. they convince the pastor my church that I am a thief or petadafile. These people are well organized and you will see in watching these videos from YouTube. I have daily records dating back almost ten years of my activities . These people have planted bugging devices in my house and car tracking devices and on the phone systems. They are so many violation of the law they have broke. (when they convince the police and the neighbor watch committee and do verify the source of info, that is wrong). I do not speak on the phone and I watch who is around me in public. Like when I in the store the other day, people was me from the walking trail in a white dodge pickup a man and woman.
      I collect the data and fax it off daily to a special place and shred the paper. I do not know, if you will get this.
      Or if I get your response, I would not be surprise, they monitoring my computer system.
      If do not here from you in a few days, I know they have blocked from getting to you or me.
      Thank you again
      Go to “” and enter “THE BOGUS INVESTIGATION” watch it and read the
      comments and there 49 other videos and click on them and watch the one 37 – 41 minutes.
      and that will give idea what we are going through.
      Visit Gangstalking World
      Copy the following to your web browser and it will take you to
      Organized Gang Stalking What You Need To Know
      Community Harassment #20 video ”
      Community Harassment – Organized Gang Stalking – Plug title in YOUTUBE.COM
      Organized Gang Stalking (Threat Assessments
      Organized Gang Stalking What You Need To Know (copy this line in 1st listents

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