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Tired of Window's Bashing, try Mac Bashing

By mjwx ·
With all of us techie?s getting lost in the fun of windows bashing I feel it is important to remember that there are other buggy, poorly-written, unusable, proprietary operating systems available (until recently permanently attached to equally as dreadful hardware I?m just waiting for ?why doesn't my modem not work on my MacIntel?).

In the spirit of being fair we should give windows a break (if you don't want to bash two OS?s at once) and bash Mac OS X for a while.

So feel free to complain about the inadequacies, uselessness and general annoyance of a Mac whether it?s on its own or in a pristine Linux (or even a moderately clean Windows) environment, but if you dont mind I am going to begin with my rant.

I have Mac users complaining about putting in passwords because Mac?s can hold on to a password. Every time they want to access their email or the internet they need to re-enter their password. It?s not like I didn?t painstakingly spend 3 days on giving just 4 machines internet and email access (in a SBS 2003 domain), its not like they have a harder password than anyone else, its just that their crappy OS cant hold a password and it?s not like they can?t do everything they do on a PC (they do web graphics 90% of the time).

Mac motherboard broken? Then spend $2000 AUD on a new Mac. PC mobo broken? Then spend $200 AUD on a new mobo (and maybe an hour or two doing a repair install for XP if you couldn?t find the same board).

And while it takes M$ 3 months to reply to your request for support AT LEAST THEY REPLY.

And what does the Mac have going in its favor, aesthetics but that is debatable.

Rant over (maybe more to come don?t know yet).


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MAC rant

by jdclyde In reply to Tired of Window's Bashing ...

I am of a more forgiving nature so again I will try to stay with something nice to say. hmmm. This is harder than I thought. hmmm.

I know!

MAC users dress nicer!

What else? Oh I know!

MAC users don't clutter their brains with all kinds of technical knowledge, leaving more room free for puffs of dust and such to float around in the empty areas! ;\

Third which remains to be seen.

MAC users have a sence of humor? Well, we will see, depending oh now this post is recieved!

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ummm ... <raises hand>

by stargazerr In reply to MAC rant

Are you Mac user bashing??


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Who? ME?

by jdclyde In reply to ummm ... <raises hand>

Bashing is such a harsh term. I prefer to think of it as pointing out the obvious, much in the way George Carlin does his observational humor!

MAC users are a funny animal! They also make my grandma look like a propeller head in comparison!

They even have to keep the mouse with only one button as the users would get confused if you threw in a second button on them! :^O

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by Jaqui In reply to Who? ME?

I like that!!!!

"They even have to keep the mouse with only one button as the users would get confused if you threw in a second button on them!"

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by ball5ball5 In reply to oooooohhhhhhhhhh

I have been playing with Macs for a few years now, enjoying their child-like simplicity and overall 'cutesy' factor. It never occurred to me until they made a huge production out of the release of a 2-button mouse, but what the h*ll took them so long to come around to doing it? As I said, I had only played around with Macs, never a serious user. How did all these graphic-minded people ever get along without the 2nd button or even a scroll wheel? Yeesh- I can't even get through a half-hour of Office without getting a numb scroll finger.

One of the reasons I stayed away from Macs in the office area was I've never had the time nor the money to repair them. Mac parts are hard to come by even these days and were even more difficult a few short years ago. You couldn't just run down to the local Computer store and pick up a new NIC or a modem. And when you were able to locate parts the cost was just ridiculous.

I must say, though- my 'new' eMac is pretty cool with it's OS X. The core seems to be Linux and it's very stable and responsive. And it's just plain fun to use. Damned thing weighs about 70 lbs. though, but so far, so good. I see where the Intel chips are going into Macs now so perhaps that will open up the architecture a bit more for us poorer folk.

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bash away, but get the facts right

by Jake2006 In reply to Mac-n-Mouse

To be factual and clear:

Macs have been able to use two or more buttons for years.
Apple just chose to no sell one. Apparently they felt the OS was
fine without one. Go figure.

In my experience, Macs don't need replacement parts as much
as cheap PCs. A quality PC from IBM or a Mac from Apple, just
seem to work pretty darn well for three to five years. You get
what you pay for, and I know many folks who bought cheap PCs
or built their own that are constantly needing to replace cheap

Finally, OS X is based on a flavor of UNIX, not Linux.


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Not Linux

by jmgarvin In reply to Mac-n-Mouse

Macs are based off BSD Unix "on top of" the Mach Microkernel.

I agree with the one button mouse thing. While multi-button mice have been available for a while, I wish the laptops came with built in with at least a two button mouse. The single button is annoying.

I'm also concered about the move to the x86 and the kernel performance, but we'll see

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expensive to REPAIR???

by hiredgun469 In reply to Mac-n-Mouse

Sounds like you just have bad luck or you just don't know what
you're doing. I bought my first Mac in 1995 and I have NEVER
had to put a penny into a repair. Not even a battery!! I still use
this machine. It's not my main Mac right now, but it still does
money making work for me. My father-in-law is on his 4th PC,
because they either become slow with programs that are
installed or they just stop working. And around my small town,
in order to get something to work you have to pay them $75 an
hour and after just 2 or 3 hours you almost have a new PC
payed for. Macs are solid machines and yes like every computer
they do have some problems. But overall they're rock solid.
And now that the OS is UNIX based, there is so much more you
can do with them. So if you're a Windows user and like to hack
the backend code or whatever...hack away. Have you ever dove
into the Terminal? I could write all day about this subject, but it
would be a waste of time. But I would like to say one other
thing, and that is that I hate when uneducated people say, "but
you can buy thousands of programs for a PC". Sure you can.
You can for a Mac also, but reguardless of the platform, after
selecting about 20 - 30 programs, the rest are either programs
that do the same as other ones, but may have a different GUI.
Or they are just crappy, buggy, worthless programs. The first
20 - 30 are money making productive programs and the others
are time wasters. Also keep in mind a lot of the Windows
"inovations" are ideas stolen from the Mac and then done wrong.

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Typical left-handed comment

by mickeymac In reply to oooooohhhhhhhhhh

as a 'lefty' you should appreciate the one-button-mouse. There is
no confusion about which is the 'right' mouse button, even when
you are "cack-handed"!

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Now that we have established ...

by stargazerr In reply to Who? ME?

That we are not bashing Mac users ... Lets get down to some serious ....... ummmm uhhh ... Oh, what the **** ... BASHING ....

Mac users are also people with a lot of patience (time to set the thing up) and a lot of money (stuff that has to be bought when upgrading or replacing <rolls eyes&gt


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