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By backr ·
I am the entire IT department at the place that I work. On some days, I am the CIO; on others, the help desk. I administer the databases, the accounting software,email, and the network.

Realistically,I am one of those jack of all trades and master of none kinda guys. This suits our company well, until the time comes where we get a lot bigger or I get run over by a bus.

My only beef is that I have a stupid title. I have been hinting around that I want a better one, but I am really at a loss as to what to suggest. Any suggestions??


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And what is your "title" exactly? I'm sure it's not "PC Geek"

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Titles

or something silly like that. Also, I would refrain from calling yourself a CIO unless you have true management experience and schooling from an accredited MBA school.

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Nope, not that silly

by backr In reply to And what is your "title" ...

My title is Systems Advisor which to me sounds like some kind of technical psychic.

I have over thirty years of experience in the business we are in and considerable management experience, but I know I'm no CIO. At the same time, titles convey something when you are dealing with vendors and such. I can hold my own when we get to talking, but I always get the sense that my title doesn't convey a lot of credibility.

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The IT Pet

by kkopp In reply to Nope, not that silly

At least you're not introduced as "my IT guy" or "my Computer Guy", as if you were a pet or something.

I am the IT department for my company and we've been having some pretty high level business meetings in our office (lots of execs, accountants and consultants). When someone needs something from me, I'm "the IT guy" or "the computer guy". I get treated by some of these execs as if I was a piece of walking carpet or someone else's pet (hint: its not the way I dress).

Maybe its because I'm not wearing a $1000 suit, which would be a waste since I'm routinely fixing the computers in our call center.

OK, I'll just go back to my closet now...

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No Respect....

by BlakMoon In reply to The IT Pet

I feel you KKopp on the "Computer Guy" introductions. I also am the "1-stop IT shop" for a small retailer and am always referred to as "my Computer Guy" when introduced to visiting "dignitaries". And it's always in a tone of insgnificance but that doesnt bother me as bad as always justifying that the importance of what we "computer guys" do is what gives them the ability to do their jobs with a high level of productivity. But thats the flip side of dealing with a non-technical audience.

In any case to give my opinion on a title that pretty much describes us "jacks of all trades..." is "IT Support Specialist"....thats what I use...looks better on a resume than "Computer Guy" ;-)

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Titles worth considering

by fjkelly In reply to No Respect....

Depending on your mood at the moment:
Network Nazi or Tech God ought to work.

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Titles worth considering

by gsh In reply to Titles worth considering

Keep it simple Bob, just: The MAN

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exact title

by rodolfo In reply to And what is your "title" ...

probably you have a budget for those tasks, if true authomatically you are the ITC manager.
If not, ask for a budget.

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Descriptive title

by LBinder In reply to And what is your "title" ...

The importance of a title is how outsiders use it to judge what you do.
"CxO" titles imply that you fill an executive funtion, e.g. set corporate strategic objectives 3-5 years into the future.
Check out the U.S. Dept. of Labor definition of an MIS Director at

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Descriptive title

by 2rs In reply to Descriptive title

Mr/Ms LBinder:
Thank you! This is my title, which I feel is really too much. I didn't realize I could find the def @ Dept of Labor! I am also the entire IT department, & think that "IT Support Specialist" is a good title.

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"IT Generalist"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Titles

That's how I refer to myself, even if my actual title is "Network Analyst".

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