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    by backr ·

    I am the entire IT department at the place that I work. On some days, I am the CIO; on others, the help desk. I administer the databases, the accounting software,email, and the network.

    Realistically,I am one of those jack of all trades and master of none kinda guys. This suits our company well, until the time comes where we get a lot bigger or I get run over by a bus.

    My only beef is that I have a stupid title. I have been hinting around that I want a better one, but I am really at a loss as to what to suggest. Any suggestions??


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      And what is your “title” exactly? I’m sure it’s not “PC Geek”

      by why me worry? ·

      In reply to Titles

      or something silly like that. Also, I would refrain from calling yourself a CIO unless you have true management experience and schooling from an accredited MBA school.

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        Nope, not that silly

        by backr ·

        In reply to And what is your “title” exactly? I’m sure it’s not “PC Geek”

        My title is Systems Advisor which to me sounds like some kind of technical psychic.

        I have over thirty years of experience in the business we are in and considerable management experience, but I know I’m no CIO. At the same time, titles convey something when you are dealing with vendors and such. I can hold my own when we get to talking, but I always get the sense that my title doesn’t convey a lot of credibility.

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          The IT Pet

          by kkopp ·

          In reply to Nope, not that silly

          At least you’re not introduced as “my IT guy” or “my Computer Guy”, as if you were a pet or something.

          I am the IT department for my company and we’ve been having some pretty high level business meetings in our office (lots of execs, accountants and consultants). When someone needs something from me, I’m “the IT guy” or “the computer guy”. I get treated by some of these execs as if I was a piece of walking carpet or someone else’s pet (hint: its not the way I dress).

          Maybe its because I’m not wearing a $1000 suit, which would be a waste since I’m routinely fixing the computers in our call center.

          OK, I’ll just go back to my closet now…

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          No Respect….

          by blakmoon ·

          In reply to The IT Pet

          I feel you KKopp on the “Computer Guy” introductions. I also am the “1-stop IT shop” for a small retailer and am always referred to as “my Computer Guy” when introduced to visiting “dignitaries”. And it’s always in a tone of insgnificance but that doesnt bother me as bad as always justifying that the importance of what we “computer guys” do is what gives them the ability to do their jobs with a high level of productivity. But thats the flip side of dealing with a non-technical audience.

          In any case to give my opinion on a title that pretty much describes us “jacks of all trades…” is “IT Support Specialist”….thats what I use…looks better on a resume than “Computer Guy” 😉

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          Titles worth considering

          by fjkelly ·

          In reply to No Respect….

          Depending on your mood at the moment:
          Network Nazi or Tech God ought to work.

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          Titles worth considering

          by gsh ·

          In reply to Titles worth considering

          Keep it simple Bob, just: The MAN

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        exact title

        by rodolfo ·

        In reply to And what is your “title” exactly? I’m sure it’s not “PC Geek”

        probably you have a budget for those tasks, if true authomatically you are the ITC manager.
        If not, ask for a budget.

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        Descriptive title

        by lbinder ·

        In reply to And what is your “title” exactly? I’m sure it’s not “PC Geek”

        The importance of a title is how outsiders use it to judge what you do.
        “CxO” titles imply that you fill an executive funtion, e.g. set corporate strategic objectives 3-5 years into the future.
        Check out the U.S. Dept. of Labor definition of an MIS Director at

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          Descriptive title

          by 2rs ·

          In reply to Descriptive title

          Mr/Ms LBinder:
          Thank you! This is my title, which I feel is really too much. I didn’t realize I could find the def @ Dept of Labor! I am also the entire IT department, & think that “IT Support Specialist” is a good title.

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      “IT Generalist”

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Titles

      That’s how I refer to myself, even if my actual title is “Network Analyst”.

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        I certainly love those age old titles of “Jack of all trades”

        by why me worry? ·

        In reply to “IT Generalist”

        unofficially given to IT folks who do it all, such as servers, desktops, OS, routers, phones, electrical, etc. If you ask me, the “Jack of all trades” is a master of none and doesn’t know Jack Shiit, which describes most IT executives I have come across.

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      Deleted. Accidental double-post.

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Titles


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      Chief Information Officer

      by james.muriithi ·

      In reply to Titles

      This should be the best title for you, and lets pray that u r not run over buy a bus.

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      Information Systems Specialist

      by thumbsup2 ·

      In reply to Titles

      My job is much the same as yours, including all of those “other” jobs that get assigned to us because there’s nobody else that knows how to do it or willing to learn. They call me an Information Systems Specialist which covers Help Desk, Network Administrator, PC Repair Technician, Administrative Assistant and even, on occation, Telecommunications (phone) Specialist. I guess we’re just lucky that we know a little about a lot of different types of things, or at least know where to look to get the answers.

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        what is important?

        by michael.hooper ·

        In reply to Information Systems Specialist

        I consider my work a means to obtain money by which I can live comfortably and provide for my family. Whether I’m called the “Computer Guy” the “IT Guy” or “dammit the dog” is irrelevant to me as long as they have my name spelled correctly on the paycheck.

        BTW my title officially is Network Administrator….although i also do telcom, some help desk, dbase, etc, etc

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          What is important?? $$$

          by 2rs ·

          In reply to what is important?

          in most cases, the amount of the paycheck depends upon the title.

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      IT Title

      by waveney2 ·

      In reply to Titles

      Surely “The IT Guy” says it all.

      • #2532779

        Try for

        by reb413 ·

        In reply to IT Title

        Try for at least MIS Manager. Same thing I was doing a few years back and the title fit for the small organization for which I worked.

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      Why do we a Title ?

      by chriz-tian ·

      In reply to Titles

      Well, almost all of us have a job that was chosen because we like technology and computer. So why not let those title to people having such boring, “choose by the parent” jobs.

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        Because it could be an advantage sometimes

        by rdenhollander ·

        In reply to Why do we a Title ?

        In most companies people do more than 1 thing. ie if somebody is having a day of, the next higher one in function should be able to do that job on that day. I think you should have the title for the highest job you do in the company. (It never hurts if you want to apply for another job with another company.)
        I think it’s not an argument to have a “lower” title just because we like technology and others don’t.

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        beats being called screwdriver monkey!

        by jcdshs ·

        In reply to Why do we a Title ?

        No joke.
        The govt institution where I work I am “the it guy”. One day we had a visit from someone off site who is higher up the food chain who referred to me as a screwdriver monkey, in front of my immediate boss. Boss put the guy straight in no uncertain terms, adding -this is my Network Manager 🙂
        And now that’s my official title.

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          A Title Undeserved

          by rpost ·

          In reply to beats being called screwdriver monkey!

          There are an abundance of titles and many of them quite strange as we have seen. And, government seems to have the strangest of all. However, this mucky-muck from above showed an incredible degree of insensitivity as well as snobbery with that put down title. Glad your boss set him straight.

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          To the Network Manager

          by 2rs ·

          In reply to beats being called screwdriver monkey!

          Good for you! Some of the non-techices that I support realize my abilaties and refer to me as The Computer Goddess, which I realy like, but I still don’t get paid enough!

        • #2526453

          Sounds Good to Me

          by rpost ·

          In reply to To the Network Manager

          Bestowing the title of Computer Goddess/God may not be such a bad thing . . . it may even be well deserved. While your real title may mean something special to HR, vendors, etc. those “honorary” titles reflect the opinion of those we daily serve. Of course there are those other (not so) honorary titles . . .

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      System Administrator?

      by capnpauly ·

      In reply to Titles

      Since you handle the ‘help desk’, the network, and the databases (and I’d guess the hardware/desktops/server?), I’d just go with ‘System Administrator’ (or ‘Systems Administrator’).

      • #2534275

        Systems Administrator

        by dcrandell@newtonenterpris ·

        In reply to System Administrator?

        That is my official title here and I do most if of the same stuff you do. Server, Workstations, alarm, phones, printers, ect. I do get called “The computer guy” or even “IT” but it’t not an issue with me, it just depends who you are with at the time.

        • #2533573

          Systems Administrator

          by thomas.faria ·

          In reply to Systems Administrator

          I am in agreement with the 2 previous posts. I am the sole IT guy for 75 people and I get called everything in the book. Management introduces me as “the IT guy”, but my offical title is Systems Administrator.

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          Systems Administrator

          by buddy ·

          In reply to Systems Administrator

          I also am the sole IT person and my official title is Technical Systems Administrator. I do the network management, software management, purchasing, help desk, computer/server setup, staff training, web page, telecommunications and anything else related to technology.

    • #2532739

      Network & Telcommunications Manager

      by stephenmoriarty ·

      In reply to Titles

      That was the title I used which was great for free mailings in the industry(magazines emails ect). It did descriibe everything that I did for the company.

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      “The Computer Guy”

      by mlerner123 ·

      In reply to Titles

      I too manage everything that has to do with our 200+ computers, along with 1 other person. I refer to myself, when speaking to outside people, as the “Manager of the Computer Dept”. Sometimes I’ll call myself the Systems Administrator. I’ll correct people when they call me The Computer Technician, since I’m much more that that. But most of the people at work just call me “The Computer Guy”.


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        “The Great and All Powerfull OZ”…now that’s a title

        by why me worry? ·

        In reply to “The Computer Guy”

        Oh, pay no attention to the man behind the tinted glass in the server room….LMAO

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      Titles – I hear you !!

      by tjhoffy ·

      In reply to Titles

      Same goes with me – Helpdesk, Desktop Support, Database – Network – Software administrator, AS400 administrator and Lotus Notes mail administrator & developer. Recently my title was established as Computer Engineer and being the jack of all trades with my company , more work is being brought to the MIS/IT Department and there is no sign of hiring contractors or permanent personnel !!

      • #2535173

        Beware of jobs seeking “Jack of all trades”’s a trap

        by why me worry? ·

        In reply to Titles – I hear you !!

        Just today, I get an unsolicited email from another IT recruiter that somehow came across my resume posted 2 years ago online. Anyhow, some hedge fund company is seeking a “Jack of all trades” to be responsible for servers, Windows, AD, Exchange, SQL, SMS, and on top of all that, Cisco routers. They want an MCSE, MCDBA, CCNA candidate all rolled into one. As I expected, the pay they are offering sucks and they are don’t want H1-B visa candidates. You’d think that such cheap bastards as them would be looking for H1-Bs’, because no American I know with all these skills would work for anything less a six figure salary in the high $150K range, especially in NYC. They’ll be lucky if they do find a candidate, and if they do indeed, that person will be burned out, overworked, and underpaid out of stupidity for taking such a job. Nobody can do it all, because one has to specialize in something and stick with it. If one tries to be an expert in everything, that person will end up not being an expert in anything.

    • #2532730

      Computer Operations Coordinator

      by swilk ·

      In reply to Titles

      I’m in a similar boat, except I have a part-time assistant to help me out. My title is Computer Operations Coordinator. My assistant’s title is Computer Operations Specialist. “technician” would probably be better than “specialist” for the assistant, but whatever… I think that “Computer Operations Coordinator” accurately sums up my job responsibilities.

      Good luck getting your title changed and I hope it garnishes you the additional respect you are hoping for!

    • #2532683

      Some titles to choose

      by vfarelli ·

      In reply to Titles

      God – Good luck with that one.

      Regional IT Director
      Systems Administration Officer or Manager
      IT Manager
      CIS Officer/Manager/Admin your choice

      Best of luck with picking a title.


      • #2532669

        Sad but true as well

        by will.conner ·

        In reply to Some titles to choose

        I am also in the same position as many of you. The lone solo “IT guy” in the entire company. What I don’t understand is how the owners of these businesses can put so much responsiblity onto one person and just hope nothing goes wrong.

        We’re all human and any one of us could kick over tomorrow then they would be up the river.

        Personally I use Director of Information Technology since I feel like a traffic cop many of my days. I try to keep IT going in the right direction as much as possible. And all the responsibilities are the same. E-mail, databases, telephones, servers, backups, etc. Never seems to be enough of me to go around.

        Good luck with getting your title changed.

    • #2532665

      Go with…

      by now left tr ·

      In reply to Titles

      IT Systems Manager

      • #2532661

        a rose

        by rockinrick ·

        In reply to Go with…

        what is in a name a rose by any other name would smell as sweet….

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      What’s in a name?

      by rpost ·

      In reply to Titles

      And I thought I was the only IT department of one. This company (a non-profit) isn’t big on titles and, besides, none of us do a single job. I manage all IT functions, assist in Quality Assurance and monitor inventory. Plus virtually anything that runs on electricity (phone system, cell phones, security cameras, etc.). In the past, I have been “Corporate Operations Manager,” “IT Manager,” “IT Director,” and a “Systems Administrator” to name a few. Here, they asked what title I wanted and since I have a recently minted MBA, I thought CIO had a nice ring to it. Seriously, most times I am the “IT Guy” or “our computer guy” and that suits me just fine.

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      Mr. CIO, Helpdesk, Mr. Secretary, Administrator Database….

      by bawagers ·

      In reply to Titles

      Your title is god!!!

      • #2532658

        VP IT

        by bflood ·

        In reply to Mr. CIO, Helpdesk, Mr. Secretary, Administrator Database….

        I’m an entire IT dept as well. My title is Vice President of IT even though I preform tasks that are well below that title. But since I’m the only “computer guy” in the company and I report to the CEO, that’s the title he gave me. Before that it was Systems Administrator which I still use most of the time

        • #2535171

          You ever heard of Senior VP of Network Infrastructure given to H1-Bs?

          by why me worry? ·

          In reply to VP IT

          I have come to the sad realization when I accidentally stumbled upon an H1-B visa renewal application in my manager’s office, who happens to be Indian. I think he got this title because the CTO is also Indian and for no other reason. American’s have a hard time getting such titles, and this foreign fool who isn’t even a U.S. citizen runs around calling himself a VP of IT infrastructure?

          Hey kids, can you say “figurehead” with a false title?

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      by glandry ·

      In reply to Titles

      Computer Responsible Person

    • #2532619

      Chief Techie Dude

      by mlerner123 ·

      In reply to Titles

      Hi all,
      I forgot to mention in my previous post – years ago, whenever I filled out an online form in order to get a free subscription to a (paper or online) newsletter, demo software, t-shirt, or Microsoft Evaluation Software for Education, I used to write my title as “Chief Techie Dude” or sometimes even “Head Geek”. Since no human really looked at it, it was OK and I still got what I ordered. I discovered that my name and creative title found its way into various mailing lists, as I often get (print) mail from various other companies peddling their wares (tech magazine subscriptions, certification training kits etc.).
      Hey Tech Republic – how can I change my TR profile to “Chief Techie Dude”?

      • #2532578

        What are your main functions?

        by tenagra71 ·

        In reply to Chief Techie Dude

        I’ve seen a few good titles in here. Perhaps you can choose two or three of the main titles that apply most to you. If you have to, take the top ten valid entries here or from other sources which represent the primary tasks performed in your daily duties. Rank them from most important to least – even though they are all important – make the effort to rank them.

        Then select the top 4 combine them in to two titles and print two sets of business cards. You create the two titles, since you are basically the “CIO”. Then depending on which audience you are meeting with – executives and non-techies OR a bunch of bit heads and gurus – and hand out the appropriate business card when meeting with them. Introduce this idea to your boss and get him/her on board using the appropriate business jargon. Putting the best technical foot forward to those you meet and those your boss throws at you, only makes you – and your boss and company – look better. Try “Principal Infrastructure Analyst”, “Director – Business System Applications” or even “Senior Systems Engineer”. Hope this helps a bit.

      • #2533268

        My title was “Distributed Applications Specialist” when I worked for gov’t

        by why me worry? ·

        In reply to Chief Techie Dude

        agency for the state of NY. If anyone asked me what I did, I told them I was a network administrator. The agency came up with this fancy shmancy name because I was the only one who knew how to package desktop applications into MSI and ZAP packages and deploy them to the desktops, so I was the “distributed applications specialist”. I also knew how to repair high end servers, so I was also dubbed the server doctor.

    • #2532560

      How about “LUCKY”

      by simplejo ·

      In reply to Titles

      Everyone in your shoes should be so lucky!

    • #2534285


      by tkelsey ·

      In reply to Titles

      Lan Admin Support Specialist Internal Expert

      • #2534273


        by finite_sa ·

        In reply to LASSIE

        Im in the same boat, but as far as vendors go I’m I.T.

        My personal title is the IT Band-Aid as I can never seem to get enough time to truly “fix” all the issues that come up. Just gotta keep em rolling.

      • #2534256


        by natalie ·

        In reply to LASSIE

        I like that – especially as ‘the IT guy’ may not be a guy!

        I do similar tasks and my title is Systems Manager.

    • #2534215

      How about “IT Coordinator”

      by cballinger ·

      In reply to Titles

      Actually, depending on the size of your company if you have the respect of your boss, and the appreciation of your users, count your blessing and don’t worry about your title. Just lists your accomplishments should you need to move on, if and when your next job pops up. A title might get you in the door, but a title doesn’t get the job done.

      • #2534188

        Senior TIM?

        by lost in cq ·

        In reply to How about “IT Coordinator”

        I’m in the same boat (how do you bus proof the only IT guy in the building) but I wonder whether we really reflect our roles? Given we also cover printers, phones, PABX’s, shredders, office moves, changing lightbulbs, refilling water features, ordering replacement fridges, aren’t we just the only staff that AREN’t afraid of the big bad world of Technology in General?

        So I would go for a title that reflects that attitude, and go for Technology Co-ordinator (TC) or something similar. (BTW, if I am over 40, can I be a SENIOR Technology Co-ordinator (STC)?) What about Technology Infrastructure Manager (TIM)or Senior TIM or Senor TIM?

        Certainly when I do my end-of -year tax return, I just use IT Manager, ’cause the Accountant doesn’t have any other options to select!

    • #2534053

      IS Manager

      by asmithweb1 ·

      In reply to Titles

      I do the same for my company, and thats my title…

      • #2534027

        Same Here…

        by daytech ·

        In reply to IS Manager

        Information Systems Manager. I get asked to work on anything that plugs into a wall (and I love it). Sometimes it gets a bit hectic but the days fly by and I am appreciated (for the most part).

        Good luck and enjoy!

    • #2534005


      by seckel109 ·

      In reply to Titles

      Heh Heh
      How bout “Lead Masochist”

    • #2534002

      IT Manager….Network Admin…..IT Manager

      by terry_angie ·

      In reply to Titles

      This will probably sound stupid, but it makes sense to me. I was also the IT Department, but my title was Network Admin, but I did programming, hardware, software, ERP software, payroll software, the entire network with our 200 computers. The guy before me (I’m a woman) was the IT manager and the current guy after me is the IT manager, but I didn’t get the title nor the pay…..hint hint….me being woman. I think it just depends on your company. I would think you would be the IT manager.

      • #2533601

        IT GURU

        by ms. spock ·

        In reply to IT Manager….Network Admin…..IT Manager

        I prefer the title of IT Guru. Since it doesn’t make any
        difference to my bosses anyway. At my review they said I just
        do this stuff because I like to do it not because it really is my
        job-so they don’t have to pay me for the tech stuff I do… So,
        IT Guru it is!

    • #2533585

      Intergalactic starship captain and supreme being of the void

      by as400doofus ·

      In reply to Titles

      In reality, my advice is to look at the titles of other people in your company and pick one that is appropriate to your level of responsibility. When I started at this company, most “responsible” people were managers (even if they didn’t manage anyone). After a few changes in management, we now have vice-presidents, directors, and supervisors.

      As far as the department part of the title, I’ve worked in programming, MIS, IS, and IT. I personally like the IT one. It fits what we do here.

    • #2533301

      Director, Information Technology

      by howard.blake ·

      In reply to Titles

      This fits the work you do.

    • #2533271

      What about the ever so common “Technologist” used in gov’t agencies?

      by why me worry? ·

      In reply to Titles

      What in the flying f**k is a technologist according to these pompous asses who come up with these names for job titles?

      My mom uses a toaster and a TV, which are both examples of electronic technology. Does that make her a “technologist” as well?

    • #2535170

      It really only matters on your resume

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to Titles

      And your employer doesn’t care.

      What do you do and how does it align to your goals. There is your job title.

      Don’t waste a single second more on this. It really doesn’t matter. You knows what you do and what you are capable of doing.

      • #2535123

        It matters a lot more

        by dukhalion ·

        In reply to It really only matters on your resume

        Everytime You introduce Yourself to someone new it matters a whole deal. You will get very different treatment if You introduce Yourself as John/Jane Doe or as an IT-Excecutive or even Supreme Commander. The first one will hardly lift an eyebrow, the second will have everyone stand at attention ready to serve You, and the third one will have everyone laugh at You.

        So, choose Your title carefully.

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