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    Tivoli Storage Manager or Veritas


    by norris ·

    Can anyone direct me to information in any form comparing Tivoli Storage Manager to Veritas NetBackup for very large enterprise environments?

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      Tivoli Storage Manager or Veritas

      by dispatchdave ·

      In reply to Tivoli Storage Manager or Veritas

      I don’t really have the answer you’re looking for but I can provide some perspective on both of these products.

      Our organization uses NetBackup. We have used this product for over eight years and recently successfully migrated our backup serversfrom AIX to Win2K. They have the most incredible customer support. I would recommend them unconditionally. Like most complex software, it has it’s quirks but the support staff has worked tirelessly to solve all of the problems of our organization. We have offices throughout the country, both fairly large and very small and they have helped us customize our solutions for all areas.

      On the other hand, while I have not used the Storage Manager product, our organization did try to deploy theTivoli network management and inventory stuff, while we we a primarily AIX shop, and they were unable to get it working for us, even though it is also an IBM product. It was a collosal waste of time and money.

      Hope this helps in some way.

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