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Tivoli vs CommVault

By Alliance1911 ·
We are looking at upgrading some of our server and storage infrastructure in the coming months, and two of the major backup and archival options available to us are Tivoli and CommVault. From what I've seen of them, Tivoli is a complex, infinitely configurable system that is very much "set and forget". CommVault seems more user-friendly and tries to look like backup software but actually does a lot more than just that.

Does anyone have any real-world experience with either of these products? The main reason we're looking at higher-end backup/archival systems like these is to make better use of storage moving forward, with automatic archival of old data to tape, reduced backup windows through more efficient use of tapes and backup-to-disk-then-to-tape, etc, which both these products apparently pride themselves on.

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Used them both

by neilb@uk In reply to Tivoli vs CommVault

We had Tivoli Storage Manager a few years ago, chosen when our original server base was Netware and Solaris. We moved to CommVault (originally 6 and then 7) when the server base became mainly Windows.

Both are infinitely configurable and manageable in terms of what and when to back up and how long to keep it.

I would guess that TSM has moved on from the 2003 version that I used so I can't be really specific but I will say that I liked it and I do like CommVault. We use backup to a 10TB disk cache and I can nightly point a hundred incremental backups at it and let the CV system sort it out, backing up to disk, moving data to tape for our library set and creating offsite sets.

Simpana, CV8, has lots of additional features, single instancing and some nifty archiving that we are looking at.

TSM had a nice feature in that, by default, all data was written to tapes regardless of storage retention requirements and the location recorded in the main database. During "quiet" periods, TSM would reorganise this data and any tape that became half-empty (or whatever you configured) would be emptied for reuse. CV7 is much more conventional and will use significantly more tapes for the same quantity of data.

Be aware that backup to disk on a single server perspective is slower than straight to tape - much! We back our Exchange up straight to tape.

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Tivoli vs CommVault

by eljay9 In reply to Tivoli vs CommVault

Good Afternoon,

Did you receive any feedback on your blog regarding upgarding your server and storage infrastructure using either Tivoli or Commvault?

I work for an IT Systems Integrator in North Sydney, we are working with current clients on an exact same solution, looking at both Tivoli and Commvault. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with at all, we offer complete end to end solutions to our clients, specialising in data centre operations.

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