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To accomdate webpage in given Bandwidth

By arunhelps ·
We r recently having facing this problem. Our webpage(local) is developed in Sql-ASP. The site has average size of 25KB. One of our company branch is connected to the server via 64 KBps line. The branch tried to access the access the site, for 1/2 connection it was ok. When more than 5 person accessed the site it is causing heavy traffic.
If I am right the BW 64 KB is not enough to handle the size of webpage (by simple calculation 25 * 5 =125 KBps). Is there any other way to overcome this? We cannot increase the BW for atleast timebeing... The website is Dynamic & interactive site.
Any compression or timeslot method can be used to solve this ? any tools avail ?
Kindly reply immedi.
Advance thanks.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to To accomdate webpage in g ...

Well the only easy answer is to host the web site at the other offices server and make it dynamically linked to the main web or intra net site so it is constantly updated.

You are correct in thinking that you have a major Band Width issue and if it isn't possible to increase the available band width your only option is to make a dynamic copy of the site on a server at the other end so that the link isn't overloaded with traffic. Really a 25 K page is very small so it should be easy to host at the other end and not have the problems of the heavy network traffic just traffic from the server hosting the Web Page to keep it updated.

That way everyone there could log on locally and only require the Web Page to be using the WAN connection and allow enough Band Width free to allow a constantly updated page being displayed at the other end.


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by arunhelps In reply to

Poster rated this answer. thanks for the reply

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to To accomdate webpage in g ...

Are you sure the line is 64KBps, which is 512Kbps, and not 64Kbps?

Is this line a dedicated connection or does it use the public Internet?

What sort of router equipment do you have controlling the line at both ends? Depending on the type of connection and if the traffic is not encrypted, hardware compression may already be used.

The browser cache in individual workstations should already buffer the HTTP requests at the branch from downloading graphics over and over again. If that does not seem to be effective enough, and you happen to have a spare PC available in the branch with 128MB to 256MB RAM, you can reduce the bandwidth requirements by installing RedHat 9 with Squid as the proxy server. In addition to caching HTTP requests, it can also provide a transparent DNS cache, unless your router equipment acts as the DNS proxy server.

Do your users in the branch have access to any other websites? If they have, and if they use the same 64KBps connection, I'd occasionally check their usage patterns. Are the users allowed to use email and Instant Messaging clients?

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by arunhelps In reply to To accomdate webpage in g ...

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