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To do or not to do?

By Kvaitha ·
I?m in a bit of a dilemma.
I graduated two years ago in I.T, but never knew what to do next. I?ve been floating around with my career starting with support and at present I am working as a software tester. I?m going to attend a course in SAP BW, which is costing me an arm and a leg.

I have been searching job sites for SAP BW Job, but all the jobs I?m seeing requires 2 years experience.
I?m I going to find it difficult to find a job once I become certified? Is it worth doing this course?

Please advise

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What I tell everybody

by DC_GUY In reply to To do or not to do?

Jobs in software development will continue becoming scarcer in the developed nations. Not only are salaries lower elsewhere, but not every civilization shares America's total disdain for QA, which is what software woefully lacks right now.

If you like IT and you're younger than 50, go for the hands-on work that's difficult to either automate or offshore-outsource, rather than dreaming of being a programmer. Those jobs tend to require a certificate more than a diploma.

Don't forget that everything you know about IT will be wrong in five years. The value of an IT education depreciates precipitously.

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Common problem

by jdmercha In reply to To do or not to do?

I've got 25 years experience, and I'm wondering what to do next also.

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IT and jobs

by j.lupo In reply to To do or not to do?

This is a very tight field with what is happening in the economy. However, here is my suggestion if you want to pursue a career in IT.

First, you need to decide exactly where in IT you want to be. From your post it looks like you are currently doing QA and Test. Is that where you want to be? Do you enjoy it enough to make it your career?

Second, if you want to pursue SAP that is fine, but you need to get a lot of training and certification. Then start looking for the entry level jobs that require SAP experience. In the US there are not enough SAP people, so even though you don't have the actual experience, but you got the training, you may get hired. Never fear to apply, the worst that will happen is you won't get the job.

Here is another factor about IT. This is one profession (among many) that education is continuous. As another poster said, what you know now will be obsolete in about 3 to 5 years if not sooner.

Good Luck and let us know how it goes.

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Specific to SAP/BW

by amcol In reply to To do or not to do?

I have extensive experience with that product, and my advice is don't go for the training.

It's a lousy offering. I've been involved with three different SAP implementations and each time (for different reasons) we elected to build our own data warehouse. Turned out to be the right decision each time.

You'll also spend a lot of money getting trained in a skill no one will hire you for if all you have to offer is having been trained. BW is not something you can learn in MUST have the battle scars, and be able to prove it, in order to be a productive value-added team member.

If you're that interested in SAP generally speaking, and assuming you have the requisite knowledge and experience of the overall product, get on a SAP implementation project and learn BW on the job. Let your employer pay for your training...most will.

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