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To Hack or Not To Hack

By rsalias ·
During normal course business, we all loose employees either through termination or attrition. Our challenge right now is when an employee departs and he/she may have some confidential business plan or customer information on their desktop or laptop(e.g. email, docs.). The problem we're facing is that some have set up passwords to these files or folders which is preventing us from getting to the information.

I don't want our team to get into the business of hacking - that is not what we do.But I believe that this issue will keep coming back and our team need to present our organization a solution. I'd like to get feedback from everyone about this. Also, are there any LEGAL tools and resources that we can use to get to the information our business is asking?

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If you're using win NT get the administrators to do it.
I see your point of view but thats what passwords are for. I dont want people going through my (email,docs.) so Ill set my permissions for my stuff too. It is poor in character to 'leave'and not let any one have access. The way you word it though there seems to be a problem within your workforce if you're having to be sketchy and paranoid of what they might do when they leave. Sometimes Ill have to take ownership of images so people wont open them up some where on the network of my imaging center-to be converted to a "wack" colorspace if there miscalibrated or not set up correctly.
You gotta do what you gotta do.....and if the intent is clear and appropriate---YOU got the POWER------use it!

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