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To Leave or not to leave? That is the question

By boyle_heights ·
Five months ago I was promoted to QA Manager after working for one year at my company. The day the old manager told our group he was going to another department I put in my two weeks notice because I had been offered another job. Since I had been handling a large portion of his responsibilities and they were counting on me to help the new manager they could not afford to lose me. Instead they gave me a shot at the manager job. However they did not mention that they expected me to keep my job as a QA Analyst and manage our group. Not only that but our group of 7, lost 2 to other departments, 2 of the females were expecting soon, and the 7 biggest projects the company would deploy during the last 2 years would happen within a few months of me taking over. I have put in MANY hours and we have deployed 5 of the 7 with the last two big ones going out in a month. After that we get a good break with only small projects going out. However, during this time as manager I have come to realize how little my boss and HR values our department. When we were severely understaffed they allowed me to hire one and even then I had to go through loops. They tried placing the receptionist(no IT experience), sales people (no IT experience), and any other low salary person in that position. As resumes arrived I found one resume that seemed to fit the job perfectly. However before this person interviewed they gave a salary range they were looking for. Before interviewing it was the salary was cleared by my boss. This person turned out to be who we were looking for but then HR said the salary was too high for our department and they would talk to that person into taking less. I have worked in QA for 7 years and know that the salary this person requested was low. In conversations I have had with my boss over the last few months he has made it perfectly clear that he does not appreciate what our department brings to the group.
Now I have another offer for a job. It is for a Sr. QA Analyst job at a small company (40 employees) with only two people in the QA group. The job pays the same as I get now but it would probably cut my hours from 70-80 to about 40. The drive is much longer but I feel that with my current boss not appreciating our group I would not take another step forward (I was promoted by the CEO not my boss and CEO is now gone). Do you believe I should continue in my current position, overworked and underpaid(I get as much as the some that work under me) but gaining experience in management? Or should I take the Sr.QA Analyst position (I would manage two) that requires normal hours (40). The offer comes from a company that seems pretty conservative with slow to moderate growth? I currently report to the VP of operations and if I take the job I would report to the Director of Technology who seems to appreciate QA more.

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Do you have a compelling reason to stay?

by gralfus In reply to To Leave or not to leave? ...

Do you have a compelling reason to stay? If not, it sounds like less stress to go to the new job. If your heart is not in what you do (and you have opportunity to change), then change.

And keep looking once you do change. If your skills are in demand, then you should be able to find something eventually.

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by vdh1979 In reply to To Leave or not to leave? ...

I think you should definitely leave. Think about the hours you are putting in now if nothing else! Plus if you are not appreciated, then what good is this? If you go to the smaller company, you will shine like a star there because you have been paced to work in the environment you are in now. The smaller environment people won't know what hit them!

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