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To prevent user from seeing viewsource

By kmvsnn ·
Can any body help me in my problem?I have a typical problem
How can i prevent any body from seeing my source code in website?It should be either way ie through View menu>Source or Mouse right click and see View Source?(its just for learning purpose)

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by Andrew T. Fry In reply to To prevent user from seei ...

I hate to tell you this, but if you want people to see your page there is no way to hide the code. Sure you can stop the menu option "View Source...", but only certain browsers will even obey that; namely IE.

I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but it's just the nature of the medium. If you wanted to keep your code private put it on an intranet and make a policy to that effect. Otherwise the few tricks available to keep IE out of the code won't stop someone that really wants your code.

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by sun_shine In reply to To prevent user from seei ...

You would like to hide your source code from everybody, the best way to do you should write your source code in Server site Script (eg: ASP, ASP.Net, PHP .......). When you write one of them you can hide your source code becuase everybody can view just client side script, most typically is HTML.
Good Luck!

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by larka51 In reply to To prevent user from seei ...

I was looking the other day for a css editor to tryout and I came across a program that encrypted your website code. I am not sure where I seen it but do remember where all I was Bluemental, 1St page 2000,Style Studio, cnet, towcows. That all

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