To Print Server or Not to Print Server?

By luke1561250372 ·
I'm looking for suggestions with respect to print servers in a completely cloud based office system.

For an office of around 40 staff, is an office based print server actually required in this day and age?

I'm looking at various options including no print server, a cloud based print server (such as Printix) or even an Azure virtual machine hosting a print server. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on the above?

I do have an old server in our office that is switched off, but could easily be reinstated if necessary for the sole purpose of acting as an office print server if necessary. Keeping in mind that the machine does not act as a domain controller.

The finance team would also like to have an understanding of printer cost apportioning to the various departments, but this is not an essential requirement.

Appreciate your advice.


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To Print Server or Not to Print Server?

by info1560787130 In reply to To Print Server or Not to ...

Most printers nowadays connect directly onto the network either via ethernet or wifi. I would only use a print server if all of the printers are old and don't connect directly to the network.

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All depends on the printer you are using

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to To Print Server or Not to ...

If it connects tot he Network directly then normally it is not necessary unless of course the number of people in the office is large and they all need to access the printer.

In a case like that a Print Server would be useful in setting the people who get preference to printing and it would be less likely to to loose any print jobs.

But with the current generation of Large Printers they have their own HDD which saves all documents to and then sends them to print.

Of course it also means that when the unit is decomissioned there will be copies of documents stored in the printer and this may be a Security Issue that needs to be addressed depending on the company and what it does.

But with 40 Staff and if they all need to send stuff to the printer and depending on the printer I would be looking at a Print Server by default as some of the available printers would struggle and if you are considering using a small Domestic/Office type printer that is going to give you problems as having a device to store the print que on would solve a lot of problems, but as I say it all depends on the Make and Model of the Printer and how much stuff will be sent to it.

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