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    To Safeguard My Concept or the Application


    by aratip ·


    I have develop a an application for mobile user from conceptual stage. I am very small girl. i am new in business. i am starting a startup company now. My Main worry is how do i safeguard my concept or the application as this can be easily adapted or expolited by other company who are into business. or where do i find more information about this

    Note : it is a new application, New concept i want to safeguarding my idea,Concept or Application

    Also i need your best Wishes!


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      Reply To: To Safeguard My Concept or the Application

      by andreaghent ·

      In reply to To Safeguard My Concept or the Application

      Hi Arati,

      If you are going to bring a new product onto the internet forum, you are at risk of people taking the idea from you if they think it is a good one and will make money for them. This is a risk you have to take, and it is wise plan your move strategically. Be sure you have your marketing, your image, your sales strategy planned because a product won’t sell itself. If someone can take your idea, make it better, and have the industry know how to outsell and out market you, then that is what might happen. The best thing with any idea is to plan very hard in advance before spending the money in development. Make sure it is a good idea, has financial benefit for the parties investing, will make money and be marketable to who you plan to sell to. While developing, do it on a test server before deploying to the internet for everyone to see. Good luck with your idea!!! PLAN PLAN and PLAN!

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