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to send message WM_DROPFILES 2 notepad?

By adeshy ·

I want to send a message WM_DROPFILES using sendmessage to the notepad applicaton ....

i am getting error during the sending to notepad.

Call SendMessage(handle, WM_DROPFILES, hDrop, 0)

handle = Notepad window handle
message = WM_DROPFILES
wParam (hDrop) = internal file structure
lParam = 0

how to set value to wParam regarding hDrop(internal file structure) ?

U will be appreciated if u could figure out the above issue.


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I Could Be Wrong But...

by JackOfAllTech In reply to to send message WM_DROPFI ...

I could be wrong but I don't think WM_DROPFILES is supposed to be sent from another application. According to the W32 API reference, "The WM_DROPFILES message is sent when the user releases the left mouse button while the cursor is in the window ofan application that has registered itself as a recipient of dropped files." To me, that means it's a system message.

What are you trying to accomplish and why?


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