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    To switch, or not to switch? That is th


    by michbloch ·

    I am currently working in a decent paying Level 1 support position. I have been here for several months and am doing well. However, I am interviewing with a prestigious company in my area for a support job. This will be a temp to perm osition with a 4 month temp basis. So, unlike my current position I won’t be getting any benefits.
    The position offers a good deal more money, and will allow me to go further in the direction I’d like my career to go, but the temporary time with no benefits scares me. I am still in the early stages of my career (it will be one year August) and I’m not sure if this is a good idea.
    Any suggestions?

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      To switch, or not to switch? That is th

      by syscokid ·

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      Things to consider:

      You haven’t been at your present company long so you won’t be losing much in accrued benefits (pension, leave).

      Is the switch to perm guaranteed? Can you go 4 months without health insurance? That’s a big question.

      Which company offers more opportunity for advancement in the long run?

      Have you talked to the support people in the new company? What’s the work environment like there compared to your present job?

      It might be good to stay at your present job tobuild a stronger resume, but you say a “prestigious” co. offered you a job, so that’s a resume builder too, if you succeed there.

      Just some thoughts.

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      To switch, or not to switch? That is th

      by jcparkerconsulting ·

      In reply to To switch, or not to switch? That is th

      If you are refering to Health Benifits, you have options. Check with your Company Policy and or State Laws reguarding the continuation of these benifits. Many times you can continue the Health Benifits for a time if you pay the full cost. (Note this may be $400+ per month.) But this would cover you for the time until you get benifits with the new job. Other benifits such as profit sharing/retirement/etc. will be lost.

      Only you can place a value on your career vs the benifits but you will have a lapse whenever you leave. There are also independent resources for insurance and retirement, check out and as expamples.

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      To switch, or not to switch? That is th

      by lizzy ·

      In reply to To switch, or not to switch? That is th

      It sounds like the new position has a lot more to offer you in the long run. You’re young, as per your question, so benefits are not too important to you right now unless you have pre-existing problems, then you could continue benefits on your own for a while as in the previous answer. A lot of larger (and smaller) companies start employees as temps so that they can decide if you’re both a good fit. If you’re confident that you can be an asset to them, and they have the potential growth that your career needs, go for it and get your foot in the door! Good luck to you!

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