To test or not to test . . . VDF

By rickybe1e ·
Fellow IT-ers,
I am unsure about the risk involved with applying a new VDF with no prior testing to our 1200+ Windows server and client network. I am also aware that any time testing is time taken away from being protected from the last risks defined by the AV program developer. Lastly I read about 2 reported cases where faulty VDFs caused quite some damage and requiered the necessary Admin effort to restore the operation. The last one, i believe, was in last April.
My question is whether there are any tests that would be considered as a minimum of preventive effort that should be done prior to application of a VDF. Would also like to hear about doing top level manual updates vs. on-line updating and the staging of VDF application.

Your expert response will be much appreciated.

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Not sure what answer you are seeking

by robo_dev In reply to To test or not to test . ...

The risk in not testing something is that it can fail at the worst possible time in a spectacularly horrible way.

In ANY IT environment where I've worked, you would be escorted to the door if you pushed out a patch or made a change without testing it and having a workable backout plan.

On the other hand:

Testing virus updates does not require a whole QA team, it's mostly a simple smoke-test to make sure that the AV program does not do something stupid like quarantine the registry.

I would setup a couple of test workstations in a lab, and push the new VDFs to them. If they go all blue-screenie on you, then obviously there is an issue.

The most logical roll-out would be to stage the updates so all 1200 PCs don't get it at the same time, if that's possible.

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Very satisfied with detail and clarity of response

by rickybe1e In reply to Not sure what answer you ...

Thank you very much RD.
Your answer does confirm my line of thought. In fact the machines for the first stage application were already defined. I wanted to subject my thoughts to the scrutiny of others. Really appriate your prompt response.

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