To the experts: Which will help speed up my old pc a bit?

By fcui21 ·
Hi I'm looking to add just one thing to my old pc just to optimize it / speed it up a little bit. I don't use the old PC for anything else but surfing the net. I have already maxed the RAM but if you had to pick one, which would you add to an old PC with Windows XP and only 20GB hard drive and 256MB RAM (already maxed out)....a 2nd bigger hard drive (say 40GB more or 80GB more) or a video card with 128MB or 256MB memory? I have been told both can help but which one would you root for in this situation? Again, I wouldn't be using this PC for anything but surfing the net but as it stands today it takes quite some time for the browser to open up, etc.

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What Brand

by Kevin27 In reply to To the experts: Which wil ...

If you could send me the model number of your motherboard and also the specs of your HDD and i will look into it for you. It wont take long

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Ok Kevin here are the specs....

by fcui21 In reply to What Brand
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May Help

by Kevin27 In reply to What Brand

hey i have had a look at your computer specs and there isn't much you can do in the way of hardware. your only option would be to install a HDD with 7200rpm and a 16 meg cache. This doesnt really affect your browseing speed but will increase your file transfer rate.

I would also consider doing a Defrag and also run a program called cc cleaner.

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by Absolutely In reply to To the experts: Which wil ...

Based only on the questions you're asking (hard drive capacity not rotational speed or seek time, to speed up your computer) I wonder, when was the last time you defragmented your hard drive? If you do just one thing to speed up your computer, you may as well make it routine maintenance, then see what's still slowing it down, if anything.

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then, hard drive -- make sure it's IDE, not SATA

by Absolutely In reply to maintenance

Your mainboard will not support the new Serial ATA bus.

Last I checked, the highest capacity/$ was for drives around 300GB. I happen to like Western Digital's 320GB IDE drives. "Your mileage may vary." Make a primary partition about 25 or 30 GB, which will be on the outside (fastest) part of the physical disk.

Since you're not into video games and aren't running Windows Vista, don't even worry about the video adapter. 16MB will do fine there.

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by mjd420nova In reply to To the experts: Which wil ...

The quick and dirty would be a mother board swap with the appropriate slots for the video and NIC cards. That would give fast surfing and for $100 you could more that quadruole your page loading. Surfing just requires only 16 MB but even the 128 MB cards are less than $50. and they will draw faster on a display. Hard drives are too cheap to pass and a 80 GB would give plenty of room.

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He asked "if you had to pick one".

by Absolutely In reply to Processor??

I would agree, if he asked for the most cost-effective upgrade path, that mobo & CPU could be replaced inexpensively now, and a well-chosen mobo would give him good options for adding RAM later. But that wasn't his question.

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OK let me ask then...

by fcui21 In reply to He asked "if you had to p ...

if you recommend just getting a new mobo and CPU, can you give some recommendations based on the specs I provided? If you send me some links that would even be better. Sorry fellas not being lazy but I'm just not an expert, just a newbie and I'm not too comfortable picking and choosing without any guidance. Getting a new mobo and CPU did cross my mind however I thought it would be way too costly than just getting one of the two in my original post....but if I can get a new mobo and CPU that is reliable and cheap hey I'm with ya! :)

Let me know please and thanks to everyone for replying.

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need (more) specs

by Absolutely In reply to OK let me ask then...

Specifically, the type of RAM (DDR, hopefully) & video card (AGP or PCI, hopefully). If your current video adapter is integrated to the mainboard, you need to either buy a video adapter as well (increasing total cost, of course) or upgrade to another mainboard with integrated video, which isn't a big problem, but does limit your range of options.

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Try a different browser also..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to To the experts: Which wil ...

If it has been your habit to use Internet Explorer you will notice an increase in your 'surfing' speed by trying Firefox or any of the other browsers available (my favourite being Firefox).

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