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To TheChas not enough volume D Drive

By dianek ·
In regards to your last message asking me if i have Hi TheChas here is the info needed to help with my problem. Thanks for this help much appreciated.
on D drive i have program files, cpqdrv,cpqs data,config Dos batch file, cto text doc, y70.sku.
I used to use my laptop for work but now only use for personal use. Do not know if some of the files where not erased when laptop rebooted with my personal programs and files.
Yes i do also have a C drive capacity 17,067,421,696 bytes,15.8GB
Used space = 4'806,942,720 bytes, 4.47GB
Free space = 12,260,478,976 bytesl,11.4GB hope this is enough info to help

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by TheChas In reply to To TheChas not enough v ...

Let me make sure that I understand you correctly.

On your drive, you have the following:

Program Files (as a folder)
cpqdrv (a cpqs data file)
config (a DOS batch file)
cto (a text document)

If this is correct, expand the program files folder.

Are the program folders listed programs that you use or programs that are duplicated on your C: drive:

For programs listed that you do NOT use, start by going to the start menu.
Select Settings, then Control Panel.
Double-click on Add / Remove Programs.
If the programs that you no longer use are listed, select the program and then click on remove.
Repeat for ALL programs that you do NOT need or use.

Next, let's check programs that are duplicated on the C: drive.

Right click on the program icon or start menu listing.
Select Properties.
On the "Shortcut" tab, look at both the Target and Start-in boxes.

If either points to the drive, you need to leave the program on the drive.

If BOTH lines point to the C: drive, you should be able to safely delete the folder for the program from the drive.

Delete the folder for the program from the drive, then attempt to run the program.

NOTE: some folders may be too large for the recycle bin. If you get the too large for the recycle bin warning, click on cancel.
Enter the program folder and delete JUST the executable file for the program.

If it runs properly, you can then empty the recycle bin and go on to the next program.

If the program does not operate properly, double click on the recycle bin.
Right click on the folder and select restore.

If there are any program folders on the drive that you do not recognize, list them here as a comment and reject my answer so that I know to get back to you.


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