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to train or not to train, that's NOT the

By dsurch ·
As budgets shrink, one of the first things that IT Managers often look at is the training budget.

Cutting the training budget usually comes with a prick to one's conscience. Still, the justification of "Well, it won't hurt to do without the training just for this year, we'll train more next year." usually wins over.

Smart IT Managers are now cutting costs while actually INCREASING training for their personnel. Many of the world's most successful IT organizations (notice the correlation between success and a continued dedication toward training) are now pushing for an 75/25 split, with 75% of their IT training being done using new generation e-learning, and 25% targeted with key instructor-led training classes. The cost savings here are immense!

If IT Managers haven't evaluated e-learning (good old CBT has come of age!) in even the last year, they are well behind the times. E-learning is now internet and intranet deliverable. The courseware is far more interactive and becauseof the students' ability to reference courses 24/7, is becoming more efficient than ILT in many ways.

E-learning will never totally replace instructor-led classes for IT personnel, but a good portion of IT training can be taught using it. In times like these where we have to look at tightening our fiscal belts, e-learning is a powerful solution to cut costs while still investing in the future skill level of your organization.

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I don't eat icing without cake...

by Jack_Swayze In reply to to train or not to train, ...

but, I will eat cake without icing.

If the choice is between cutting the training budget and cutting people, I vote for cutting the training budget.

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eat both

by dsurch In reply to I don't eat icing without ...

The main point was that you can have the cake AND the icing for the same price as many companies spend on just the cake.

Taking a little extra time to investigate ALL of the training options available and using a cost effective method of training rather than just sticking to the old 'classroom style training' habits that you have always used means that you don't have to cut people and you can still train them.

Eating just cake is bland. Having an unskilled workforce is dangerous and ultimately more expensive.

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