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To Virtualize or Not to Virtualize

By pomorris ·
Any thoughts on using free version of VMWare Server in a production environment?

Current Network Environment:
-- Windows Server 2003 AD network with PDC and BDC
-- Server RAID 5; 2MB RAM; 32-Bit; Single Core
-- Six client workstations all running XP Pro
-- Shadow Protect Disk Imaging software running on server and workstations

-- I suspect the existing server hardware will limit any value from virtualization, but if hardware was up to recommended specs, what advantages (if any) would there be in moving to vmware for disaster recovery, over the existing Shadow Protect option?
-- If there are advantages to virtualizing under the recommended server hardware specs, is it acceptable to virtualize the server in a production environment using the free version of vmware server? (Best practices suggest that the free version is best used in test environments, and not production. What sayeth the group?

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I'd think not.

by seanferd In reply to To Virtualize or Not to V ...

I would think the biggest benefit of virtualization would be to run multiple servers on one physical server where the hardware is not being used to its potential.

Seeing as you are only running one server anyway, what would be the point? The only possible benefit I see is if it were to completely barf or become badly infected, you could just reload the VM. But it seems you have that already covered from another angle.

/totally not an enterprise server guy

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