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To Virtualize or not to Virtualize?

By James Schroer ·
It's been a long while since I've worked in a small business. But I've been asked to help with a start up business building from the ground up. They will need the typical servers. Exchange, file and print, DC,accounting, billing, and maybe a specialized server or two for their apps. They would have no more then 100 users (about 1/3 would be remote) and could possibly use VM for their desktops.

So my question would that be to small to virtualize? My first concern comes down to the storage for the VM servers being a single point of failure and if it goes down EVERYTHING goes down. I know I could do some sort of fancy SAN set up so we don't but then cost comes into play.

So if you had the chance to design from the ground up a small office. Would you Virtualize?

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