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To VISTA or NOT to VISTA that is the question.

By rpatton ·
I am a MS professional and I must admit I am confused. When I am confused (after 20 years in the business) I am confident that my clients are as well and they are asking my opinion of VISTA. I have read most of the marketing materials and I have done some testing of the Pre-Release version.

For the record my Company does not install new-new OS's with out extensive testing and experience using them. It's just not good for our reputation to do so, and risk anomalies and client down time. But VISTA has been so long in the making I want to keep an open mind.

The recent PC mag test results and reviews are mixed and not as positive as I would have expected. Apparently MS choose to leave out some capabilities which were in the original design concept, not sure what these are though.

XP works great and runs with reliabialities up in the high 90's and supports everything most business customers need.

I was wondering how the Tech Republic community fees at this time.

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One of our next jobs

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to To VISTA or NOT to VISTA ...

is to get our software running under vista. So were are currently starting to set up some boxes, see what problems we get both with our products and our development tools to make it.

Know for a fact we'll get some on things like using the registry and system directories (old code base). Then there's no longer using MSDE ....

The only reason we are doing it because we expect at some point our customers to get conned I mean persuaded into buying it at PC World or some such.

Oh and we'll be starting doing this standalone, our IS department won't allow a vista box to be connected into our network at the moment as they can't support it.

Investigate by all means, but if you don't have to implement it yet, don't.

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I currently have business Vista running

by w2ktechman In reply to To VISTA or NOT to VISTA ...

on one system. But I try not to use it often, not because it fails, but because I am trying to avoid moving to or using Vista.

But to MS, the system has given me little trouble other than re-learning how to use a computer the way I want to. The drivers for the current system I am using are all workign fine, no issues there. There are issues with many apps that I use, so, like I said, I avoid using this system when I can get away with it, so I go to the XP box.
The main things to point out to people when they ask about it is

You should wait for the service pack release to fix many bugs that may be found
waiting will also allow more SW and Drivers to be developed and tested for the OS
Expect to train employees how to use it. Although most features that they will use are not affected, some are. Also, the IT staff will need some time to review it well and learn how to troubleshoot it properly.

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YES - I agree Wait for Service Pack 1

by rpatton In reply to I currently have business ...

That has always been my practice, but i thought MS had really teseted the heck out of this one.

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If ( SP_NUM <= 1 ) { INSTALL==0 };

by tanimn In reply to YES - I agree Wait for Se ...

An old tried and true mantra with microsoft operating systems: If it's not the second service pack (whether it's SR2, SP1A, etc...), it's not time to upgrade.
Besides giving Microsoft time to fix the bugs in the origional release, and stabilize all the bugs that crop up with the first service pack; it gives the driver and app developers time to get their stuff running right.
How many times have YOU installed Microsoft's latest and greatest, only to find out that your favorite whatever doesn't work right anymore?

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A Good sanity check!

by rpatton In reply to If ( SP_NUM <= 1 ) { INST ...

Keep in mind that each and every one of MS even numbered products have required an up grade, or was it the odd numbers! I can?t remember now, getting old I guess.

You are right though there are some manufacturers who still have a problem with drivers, was that AT_ that said they were making a universal video driver that would read info from the board and then modify the driver on the fly to be compatible with both your system and OS. I think the Nvidia has been the only one that has been successful, and I have never installed an AT_ board that worked right out of the box with out ?please up date your driver? messages. I guess that?s one of the good things about Intel, they do test things, in 98% of the cases it works and if fails they will fix it. Audio, well there is Creative and then everyone else, I guess. Applications, wow I shutter to think what my Adobe production suite will do with VISTA.

And the list goes on and on, I guess that?s why they still need us, chickens in the barn yard!


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Best advice I've ever read on-line!

by robear In reply to If ( SP_NUM <= 1 ) { INST ...

Tanimn gives the best advise -- and in a language we can all truly understand!

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by dawgit In reply to I currently have business ...

Where did you get ahold of a Vista Business in any verison? I haven't seen it at all over here. (They're talking end-of-the-month, maybe) That is the question, will it perform in a business enviorment. It's still a big unkown. (along with the "Why" question.) -d

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I have an image from my company

by w2ktechman In reply to Where?

I had to download it to test with from an Intranet site, pre-configured of course.

Didnt I mention in the past several times that the company that I work for are MS bitches???

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No fair.!.

by dawgit In reply to I have an image from my c ...

That's not fair.!.
(geeeze some people get all the toys... X-( )

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yes fair, I have to use it!

by w2ktechman In reply to No fair.!.

and test it, and play with it.
Just like the 43 computers that I am responsible for. but I dont use most of them I recently had a couple of new servers shipped to me, and they are still boxed up since my position does not allow me to build servers. But, I was thinking of making an after hours gaming system (I dont turn down HW). Hmmm. a test ver. of Vista Server running games......

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