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By Oz_Media ·
Well here are the titles for the latest 10 duiscussions on the TR Discussions board.

1 XP Office 2003 problem with mail delivery
2. Software Search App.
3. Diagrams of motherboards
4. Cannot see other computers on the network
5. Win ME install problems
6. How to set up VPN Server
7. NTFS Problem after removing SBS2003 from computer
8. java driver
9. Multiple CD burners
10. Various Problems Faced When Troubleshooting

As far as I can tell (First glance just at titles) #3 and #10 MAY be topics of discussion but probably belong in Q&A along with ALL THE OTHERS!!

I think if TR doesn't want to address the ONE issue that seems to bother the most people, perhapse they should just consolidate discussions and Technical Q&A into a single forum.

C'mon guys, this is such a simple problem with a simple resolution, we have offered several viable resolutions here over the past six months. BEFORE the new engine was adopted, AS the new engine was adopted and AFTER the new engine was adopted.

The peeve is just getting worse. I remember when one or two questions were improperly posted, an that was somewhat annoying but acceptable as new users who had navigation problems. 10 out of 10 is a little bit far fetched though.

How about having a contest for the best resolution to the ongoing problem of improperly posted questions due to navigation difficulty?

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I'd say that 10 is a geniune discussion topic

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Todays discussions

But the rest are just questions that really should be in the Q & A Section and if you took the time to look most people have avoided answering any of these questions.

I think there where a few single answers that said to give a better description of the problem and then post it on the Q & A section as most likely the person asking would get a faster responce from someone in their time zone and not half way around the world.

Although 9 might just be an interesting discussion topic as it may prove useful to some here who have never set up a multi CD Recording platform.

But it would be short as the answer is pretty simple and there are only so many ways to skin a cat so after a few responces the question would be answered and other than some nit picking between peers there would not be much to carry on with.

Right at the moment 10 is still too far open to give any positive view on as the original post was just too vauge and the reply has yet to be answered with greater detail.

Item 3 looks like someone who wants a quick answer without expending any effort has been answered as well as it can because I really don't think that anyone will get actual circuit digrams of what a current M'Board is and only get a block drawing and picture of one.

That person also asked for Daughter Cards like Video cards and again this to me just seems like a lack of interest in even expending any effort in doing the most basic Google search which would take less than a few minutes to come up with the required answers.

Perhaps we just might have to start a "Political Discussion" to get the fur flying and forget about these silly questions which are posted in the discussion threads.

Now who wants to be first?

I'll start you off.

GWB is really nasty because...............

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OH goodness Gracious Me

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'd say that 10 is a geni ...

I've just had a look in the Network Neighbourhood and I've lost 5 computers off the network, what will I do?

I know I ask on the TR Discussion thread instead of actually looking to see why they have disapeared.

After all it will be much simpler to have everyone help me rather than go and look and find a plug has been pulled out of the socket removing all the power from those few computers.

Sorry but I couldn't help myself as I've just got back from an emergency call out where a computer was not working and after I went through all the obvious causes on the telephone I had to drive 50 K there just to plug the bloody thing back in the wall.

Now lets see a call out at 2.00 am for 3.5 hours is worth how much. Actually it was 3hours 25 minutes traveling and 5 minutes getting in the building and pluging the bloody thing back in so that should be worth a few Thousand Dollars shouldn't it?

Boy if only I could charge like that I could probably give up working by the end of the year and be away from these nerurotic women who are incapable of seeing that the power cord has been removed by a cleaner.

Anyway good luck OZ in you're complaint against TR but honestly I don't think it will get anywhere. Oh by the way did I have to put a "Sarcasum Alert" in that posting?


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Actually the 5 computers

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to OH goodness Gracious Me

That I can't see on my Windows network are all Linux units without Samba so that should cause some confusion if I don't tell anyone.

Shouldn't it?

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Now now, I won't bite.

by Oz_Media In reply to I'd say that 10 is a geni ...

As much as I'd like to, even I get tired of that circus.

I think we should just answer these questions in the discussion forum by taking them WAAAAAAY off topic, (bridging).

If someone says thay want info on a daughter board, just start with "Daighter board, one daughter I know that's CONSTANMTLY bored is my neighbour's. She spend the entire day waiting for somethiong to happen ...."

Or "Daughter board, talking of daughters ..."

They want a discussion, they'll get one. You want answers? GO GET THEM!

That's almost as **** as the original misposting but hey, you can't beat 'em, they won't try to address this at TR, may as well join 'em.


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Well OZ it is now 5.49 am on Tuesday

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Now now, I won't bite.

20-1-04 and I have to start doing some real work in under 3 hours so I'm off to get a bit of sleep after all even I need at least one night's sleep a month and tonights the night.

So Good Night and I'll see you all latter.


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big whoop

by Passwordchanged In reply to Todays discussions

so what if people post tech q&a here???? why screw with their heads instead of JUST HELPING THEM! Geesus Pleezus, does every body who comes to this site have to abide by OZ's rules? READ WHAT IT SAYS: You can start a conversation about any subject. nuff said.

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by Oz_Media In reply to big whoop

Good to hear you still exist, I think.

As for everyone playing by Oz's rules, I make no rules, I follow no rules.

This has been a topic raised by MANY over time here. It has been an ongoing peeve that has been raised NUMEROUS times yet still unresolved.

if you enjoy helping people in the Q&A section then moving to discuss something, only to find no discussions but a whole host of OTHER pc problems, then you are more than welcome to spend your time however to feel it is best spent.

When I get tired of helping in the Q&A section, I come to discussions for a change of pace, not more PC questions.

SOME people are very good at asking the right questions in the right forums, others simply skip the process and try to add questions to discussions. Sometimes this is a simple mistake, but I feel that mostly it is the lazy ones who feel posting to Q&A is too much effort.

Lately this has resulted in most people just asking test questions in teh discussion forum so they can SQUEAK by a cert.

I haven't actually run into you in the Q&A forum so I won't say you're inactive there anyway, but for those of us who try to divide time between helping people and talking to people, it's a major pain in the *** that could be ever so easily resolved.

I welcome your constant Oz bashing though, I was getting bored with agreement lately. Maybe next time you could find a relevant reason for disagreeing though.

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by voldar In reply to big whoop

you may be right, but I don't think so. Why? Because a "discussion" means to have (at least) two partners who "discuss" about subject.
As far as I saw, in the topics presented by OM, none of them contains at least this simple requirement. You will always have the one-who-ask (being to lazy to find out the answer with a simple google-search) and that's it.
You give him the solution (or not), you don't even know if it was the right one. Why? Because the "one-who-ask" never think to come back and say "- Thank you folks, I did that and it was perfect!" or "- Thank you folks, definitely you are not that smart as I thought, I did solved the problem by myself!".
In a discussion forum you expect that those who start a discussion, be at least be more active and post at least two posts, but ...
If they ask questions in the Q&A zone, there is no problem, I don't mind if they give me a sign or not, I don't care so much for points. I like to help people (at least as much as I can), but for the rest, it's up to them. Here, in Discussions, they should learn the difference between asking and talking.
And in the end, Discussions is something, Q&A is really another thing. At least, this is how I have the perception of this.

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by LordInfidel In reply to big whoop

There are some others like myself who have been here since TR first opened it's doors a couple of years ago.

And I have to tell you, while I respect other's rights to tout off on any old subject in the discussion area, that is not why I initially came here.

Back in the good ol' days, the discussion area was simply an area of techinical debates and discussions. Once in a while we would get a question, but it was not a simple straight forward question like you see now. But instead a "Hey, I'm doing something and would like some input".

Lately, everytime I come here is some new Political/religious Discussion or some other garbage, <and my home page is set to TR, where it has been for the last 3 years. But now I'm thinking of switching it to /.> .

It's not just OZ's rules, it's a tech site, why can't it just stay a tech site instead of the crap that has been spewed onto it.


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WHO CARES what you think

by Asleep_at_the_Wheel In reply to Todays discussions

Your self annointed site moderator status exists only in your own mind. Get a life you loser.

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