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Token Ring Vs. Ethernet

By drillco ·
Token Ring is a better network system, more managable, easier to maintain, better use of bandwidth. Why use Ethernet?

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sometimes better is not better

by mkern In reply to Token Ring Vs. Ethernet

Although you may be correct about the token passing properties of Token being better, reliable etc; however, Token-ring was primarly a IBM "hook" in the 90's. They charge about 5 times the price of what other vendors were charging in ethernet, gnet, arcnet to name a few. Also the thick type3 cable was hard to handle.

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Speed & Cost

by wpteh In reply to Token Ring Vs. Ethernet

Agree that passing the token around is more reliable and provides a 'fair' share of traffic time on the network for each PC. But in terms of speed, token ring definitely lose out. With current technology, 100BT Ethernet is easily possible and the performance of collision detection and avoidance is very good also. *Unless in some situation where hosts get to transfer big loads of files every second...Token ring will be a better architecture*

Not to mention about the cost of setting up an Ethernet network vs a Token ring network.


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What's better 16Mbps or 100MBps?

by rzan In reply to Speed & Cost

Token ring works at 16 Megabits per second while Fast Ethernet over copper works at 100 Megabits per second. Second of all, who wants to mess around with bulkly and stiff coax cable and those damned MAUs' just to attach a station? Ethernet is faster and cheaper to setup. Plainly put, token ring is obsolete and not worth the time or money.

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>2 hosts? tokenring is fastest!

by jringoot In reply to What's better 16Mbps or 1 ...

Truly, the pure speed comparison is misleading: 100 mb/sec ethernet is fastest when no collission appears, thus when only two hosts are communicating.

I am used to mixed environments for about 4 years. My first experiences with tokenring were notpositive, but this was merly due to a lack of knowledge. Nowadays, from an, itsupport technician, an administrator or a user point of view: if I can choose, I choose tokenring.
From a budgeteer point of view: I choose ethernet.

Tokenring is not that good that it deserves 4 times the price of ethernet.

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Token Ring Topology's advantages.

by wpteh In reply to What's better 16Mbps or 1 ...

You can be surprised that huge Enterprise network's backbone uses Token Ring Topology. This is to give a 'gracefully' slow down of network speed when there is a large volume of network traffic.

Of course in most companies...using Token Ring topology is suicidal, both to maintainence and budget aspect.


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