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Token Ring vs Ethernet

By reubentr ·
HI everyone,
We are currently a Token Ring shop. Is there anyone out there who is also and might be or already has converted to Ethernet?
I am also looking for guidance re:mixing Cat1 and Cat5 cableing and 4/16 & 4/16/100 Token Ring Nic's.
I am trying to come up with the best solution for the upgrade and expansion of our current Token Ring Network.

All comments and help will be greatly appriciated.
Also, are there any Lotus Domino experts out there?


Network Administrator
Cheyenne, Wyoming

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I don't envy you

by TimMitchell In reply to Token Ring vs Ethernet

I helped a client to a TR-to-Eth migration a few years ago. What a nightmare! They were a 24/7 organization, so the migration had to be done slowly on a PC-by-PC basis. Of course, we had to have all of the hubs and switches (token ring and ethernet) running - at the same time - to avoid downtime. If we could have had 8 hours, we could have done it all at once.....

Depending on how many users you have to support, and whether it's a 24/7 operation, you may have an easier time than we did.I'd suggest to shut the place down for a weekend (if possible) and do it all at once, rather than a piece at a time.

Good luck!

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