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Tomorrow I'll be...

By tpalmer ·
Tomorrow may be one of the best examples about how you can plan for something and never realize it (because it becomes today!).
Ten years ago much discussion concerning technology was centered around the inevitable evolution of comupters and software towards self-management. This was to include software life-cycle, hardware upgrades and failed component replacement all intended to spare humans the burden of the machines we have created.
Scientific American is reporting development efforts inCPU design that are resulting in approaching petaflops speed ratings. At billions of processes completed per second, is self-programing really that hard to imagine? Scotty says, "Computer! Redesign user input screen 24 for session 82 for new operator. Take an extra second if you need to!"

Let me hear your take on the future. Sci-fi or fiction? Still think you don't need more training? Which new tech do you think will sprout money? I am pulling for intelligent wireless devices that service the monlithic machines that free us to do other things!

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Training areas

by generalist In reply to Tomorrow I'll be...

In the very long run the training you need may be more in definining problems and specifying solutions. That and the ability to think and be creative.

To use your 'Scotty' example, you would have to recognize that input screen 24, session 82 hasa problem and that a certain type of redesign would be a solution. An AI might be able to do that for most situations.

But there will be situations where the AI would fail because it doesn't fall into the analyze and design limits. Let's say that a new operator from a recently discovered planet requires hard x-rays for vision and floor mounted titanium touch pads with cyanide 'lettering' for input. The AI would have to solve the basic problems of the operator and make sure that the solution doesn't kill the rest of the operators.

Of course, that is the really long run in the fast paced computer world...

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