Toner cartidge suddenly not compatible for HP F380

By zoromak ·
Hey there,
Has anyone had this problem. I use a HP F380 all in one and have had the printer for a couple of years. It's never skipped a beat, however, right in the middle of printing invoices it has suddenly decided hat the toner cartridge is not compatible. I've previously used both genuine HP and cheaper versions. Currently I have a cheaper version but I've used these before and never had an issue. Can anyone help me?????????

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Could be that

by w2ktechman In reply to Toner cartidge suddenly n ...

the printer needs a good cleaning, or the cartridge is wearing out

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Here I think you'll find the issue is the actual Cartridge

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Toner cartidge suddenly n ...

Many HP Printers have a Circuit Board in the Cartridges which holds a date. Once this date is passed the unit will no longer work with that Cartridge and the solution is to replace the cartridge with a newer one.

With these HP Products it's not a cleaver Idea to hold stocks of replacement Cartridges because of this problem. This may be a better link to this issue however


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That does not sound like the issue

by w2ktechman In reply to Here I think you'll find ...

oh smeggie :^0 :^0
If it was a date thing it would just stop working all together. Besides, from what I understand, HP stopped that practice and has recalled most of the cartridges that were preset.
The likely problem, since it is a refill, it is a used cartridge. Who knows how many times over. They do wear out.

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Could also be that the Ink Tank Waste Counter

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to That does not sound like ...

Has reached it's limit and needs reseting but then they do not stop part way through a Document they always stop at the end of a page.

But maybe here I'm not understanding the actual question as asked by the OP.

But it could just as easily be the Date Issue particularly if large stocks are kept and not correctly rotated. What was supposed to happen and what has happened here may very well be a completely different thing.


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