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Too good to pass up

By maecuff ·
We've all made errors in judgement. But really, what was this guy thinking??

In Monticello, N.Y., Steven King, 40, was indicted in October as a result of a traffic stop, for allegedly doing nearly every single thing wrong: intoxicated, driving in oncoming-traffic lanes, with an open beer container, not wearing a seat belt, driving an uninsured car, with expired safety inspection sticker, with license plates belonging to another car, and with his 2-year-old daughter-passenger neither in a car seat nor belted in. [Times Herald Record (Middletown, N.Y.), 10-25-07]

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I don't think he WAS thinking

by Tig2 In reply to Too good to pass up

And people wonder why I hate to drive.

The only thing this yutz missed was visible drugs in the car. Unbelievable!

Some people just make me shake my head...

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He also missed

by JamesRL In reply to I don't think he WAS thin ...

Valid drivers license, but that won't be a problem soon I suspect.

He ought to lose his license forever.


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He's lucky they didn't tase him

by OnTheRopes In reply to Too good to pass up

for being stupid in a no stupid zone.

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NY State Police don't taze. They shoot first, ask questions later

by ManiacMan In reply to He's lucky they didn't ta ...

I'm surprised they didn't pop a few caps in his head.

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I i was you maniac

by ComputerCookie In reply to NY State Police don't taz ...

If I was you maniac, I'd be hoping that none of the NYPD could identify you as that condecending ######### who replied to my request for help!!!!!

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You've obviously never been to NY I gather

by ManiacMan In reply to I i was you maniac

You think I was kidding?

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Never been and not sure I want to

by ComputerCookie In reply to You've obviously never be ...

Can seee the point, maybe if I win Powerball or something I might consider it.

Yamba has a population of 7000 and ideal weather. No much crime except for underage drunk teenagers.

Sure beats living in Sydney or Melbourne. I'm lucky as I live in a home my great grand father purchased in 1926 and I can walk to just about anywhere, shops, clubs, pub, beach!

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ask questions?

by Jaqui In reply to NY State Police don't taz ...

you mean they don't shoot to kill?

they need retraining.

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Obviously not from South Carolina

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Too good to pass up

Here that would get him a safe driver discount. After all, his kid wasn't in the back of the pickup, riding shotgun on the cooler of beer.

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Remind me to never come down to SC by car :^0

by ManiacMan In reply to Obviously not from South ...

I'd be the black sheep among everyone else, since I wear my seatbelt and follow all the rules of the road.

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