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    Too Late for WinNt Cert?


    by coffeybr ·

    Looking for feedback…Is it worth it to
    continue to cram for Nt 4.0 cert before
    31 Dec, or would it be better to
    translate it over to 2000? How much
    difference is there? Is there a good
    resource to migrate from Nt to 2000? I
    have a lot of Nt MCSE training material
    and do not want to have to buy all new
    material. Thanks!

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      Windows NT Cert

      by isaaca ·

      In reply to Too Late for WinNt Cert?

      Hi Coffebr,

      To tell you the truth Windows 2000 is here and its where all the action is. As a Senior Consultant I look for candidates that have experience in Windows 2000 becasue of all the companies planning their rollouts. Sorry you wasted all the money but Windows NT 4.0 is no longer in demand and yes Windows 2000 Server is completely different from Windows NT 4.0.

      Ivan I. Aguilar
      CCNA, MCSE 2000, A+

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      Windows NT 4.0, Not dead yet

      by ·

      In reply to Too Late for WinNt Cert?


      Yes, you should complete, I am. My company does not plan on moving to Windows 2000 anytime soon. As matter of fact, Microsoft is disappointed that more companies have not moved to Windows 2000 sooner. Also, a lot of companies still use Windows 95 for there desk tops.We finally moved to Windows 98 SE for our Customer Service Engineers Laptops. An Senior Systems Engineer associate that I work with knows of several companies in my area that still use Windows NT 3.51 Server. Oh my god,they still use that!Sure Windows 2000 is great operating system and it will be great when everybody moves to it,but lets be realistic, Windows 2000 requires a lot planning,computers that are compatible and a lot of resources to rip out the old and install the new. My company finally move to pure Windows NT 4.0 server environment. Planning stages took around a year and several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Windows NT 4.0 will be around for awhile! Plus, who says that the company that may oneday hire you is still running NT 4.0!!! Thanks!!

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