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    Too long to shut down


    by bkartheiser ·

    I have a Dell Latitude C610 with 256M ram running W2kPro SP3. The shutdown procedure takes at least 45 seconds to get to the point where it actually shows progress. The error message in the application event log says “Windows cannot unload your registry class file. If you have a roaming profile, your settings are not replicated. Contact your administrator.” The error is generated by userenv. Everything I’ve read said that running SP3 would cure it . . . it hasn’t.

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      by jschein ·

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      If it allows, I have a few hundred C610’s in my company all running SP4 which removed that message… Just check with whatever third party software you are using and ensure it’s compatability. Shouldn’t be any issues.

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      by claudenj ·

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      PC Mechanic has answers to your question. Problem is that most people who run the software cannot fanthom how to make your microchips do what they are suposed to do, because there are two breeds of geek, hard and software. They gave me some very helpful hints on how to optimize Windows.. check them out.

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