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Too many managers in IT management disaster waiting to happen

By Why Me Worry? ·
I am faced with a situation where I have 5 different IT managers, one of which is a Director, delegating work to me. It's not that I don't want to do the work, but everyone has their own agenda and everyone's little projects and tasks are "important" and "high priority". When things don't get done on time because I am overloaded, the managers start to ***** and complain and blame me in the process. As a senior engineer, I do not need to be micromanaged, but the entire management structure is a joke where nobody talks with one another and everyone has their own agenda and finger pointing has become a favorite pastime among management. Bringing this matter to the attention of IT management will only fall on death ears and will not result in change. The IT Director is a stingy ******* who thinks that saving money means squeezing more work out of people than they can possibly produce. It's just a matter of time until the management structure collapses and falls apart because they are alienating many of their subordinates.

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Is one of them your direct boss??

by Black Panther In reply to Too many managers in char ...

Out of the 5 is one of them your direct Boss ie the IT Director?? If so you must satisfy his requirements first ( whether you like it or not ).

When the others complain that things have not been done tell them to take it up with him.

When he comes to you tell him that you have prioritised his work first. Ask him is that what you should be doing or in what way do you prioritise the work from the different Managers?

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I will not

by jbaker In reply to Too many managers in char ...

flame you for posting this. I know that we have had our differences in the past...:)

However, I will say this: from everything that you have posted about this position, you SERIOUSLY need to be looking for other employment. It sounds as if you work in a very poisonous environment, and things do not seem to be gettting any better. Therefore, cut bait, and get yourself free!

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I am doing just that..believe me

by Why Me Worry? In reply to I will not

The day I give my 2 weeks notice is the day that I will free myself of the shackles of this prison.

Regarding our differences, no hard feelings dude. Respect is a two way street, and both must follow the same rules of the road.

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by dls_cio In reply to Too many managers in char ...

To bring an confusing situation to some sense of stability (it seems a thousand things are going on at once ) conduct a proxy inventory of all the projects, determine leaders for each project, request a managment meetting to reallocate those projects that should not be under your responsibilty. by creating a portfilio you have in your hand ability to priorize and request directors help in reallocating projects. Ensure a meeting is held each week to address your specfic issues, and keep a log of commiments, its easy for people to play absent minded following revival, but people are resources, and you are a manager over resources. If this doesn't work, then start packing and looking for different work were you skills and leadership are demanded and appreciated.

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