Too many Questions......?

By sanjana8480 ·
Can any one please provide me the answers for these questions?

1. What are the ways to configure DNS & Zones?
2. What are the types of backup? Explain each?
3. Disaster Recovery Plan?
4. What is scope & super scope?
5. Differences between Win 2000 Server & Advanced Server?
6. Logical Diagram of Active Directory? What is the difference between child domain & additional domain server?
7. What is Kerberos? Which version is currently used by Windows? How does Kerberos work?

8. GAL, Routing Group, Stm files, Eseutil & ininteg - what are they used for?
9. What is MIME & MAPI?
10. How would you recover Exchange server when the log file is corrupted
11. What is the system state?
12. What Ms tools (standard) are used to troubleshoot AD issues?
What tools from the Support kit and resource kit can aid troubleshooting?
What the standard mistakes made when setting up Ms products?
13. What do you have to do to secure a Exchange server from being a relay?
14. What the basic steps to recovering a Lost Exchange/DC server?
15. How do you build redudancy in to DNS?
16. How can you secure AD DNS?

I will really appreciate for your kind support & helpful answers.

Many Thanks.

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Is this homework?

by Shellbot In reply to Too many Questions......?

If so, research it yourself.

You'll find this website useful:

Its one thing to ask for help with soemthing you can't get to work, or ask about how to go about doing something.

Its another thing to ask someone to do your homework.

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Looks like homework to me.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Is this homework?

S/he better hope I'm not her/his teacher.

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So Boxy I take it that a F- is too high a mark

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Looks like homework to me ...

And you would prefer to hand out a Z---------------- to this student?

Still seems too good a mark to me though.


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Homework Alert!!!!!!!!!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Too many Questions......?

Sorry, but you will have to do your own homework. Actually, I think this is the whole TEST! Try reading the study materials for the class!

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by Shellbot In reply to Homework Alert!!!!!!!!!

it smells like a test..

gives me a warm fuzzy feelign to know that that qualifid IT pro I may have to interview one day cheated on his tests .. or that the guy outsourced to do look after this stuff hasn't a clue and cheated to get where he is.

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Too little gumption ??? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Too many Questions......?

Do you have even the slightest clue what the following are ?

1. Dictionary?
2. Technical books?
3. Lectures and informative lessons?
4. Libraries?
5. Books?
7. Lecturers and the subject matter they teach?
8. Intuition?
9. Standing on your own two feet?
10. "Sink or Swim"?
11. D'you think my head buttons up the back?
12. Get your finger out of your arse?
13. How have you survived this far in life?
14. Have you got a PayPal account?
15. I've got a PayPal account?
16. Would you care to pay me lots of money?

... Thought not!

Somehow I doubt this is your first excursion into having stuff done for you.

But it might just be the first time anyone has told you to "Sod off and do your own work for a change!!"

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by Todd Bennett In reply to Too little gumption ??? . ...

Sod off... is that a technical term??? (Grin)

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Is 'Sod Off' a technical term ? - Yes it is ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What???

"David Roberts wrote, about the idiom "sod off":

Just occurred to me that perhaps you wanted to know the origin of this popular phrase. It all started back in the Middle Ages with the turf-dwellers of Romford. These hard working peasant folk lived in low grass covered houses on the banks of the Thames. In order to enter or leave one of these Squatts as they were known, a piece of turf or sod would be lifted away from the door opening. The term "sod off" was thus coined to mean "The door is open, feel free to leave". This term eventually replaced such phrases as "Well, don't let me keep you", "My, is that the time?" and "We must have lunch together one day". Interestingly the term "sodding" was often used to refer to unwelcome guests due to the work of lifting the sod to see who's there. This is still in common use today as in "Oh bugger, it's the sodding Jehovah's Witnesses". If you are very interested you could find a copy of "England as it is spoke" by Queen Victoria's brother Albert, written shortly before he was eaten by the lion."

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"Sodoff" is the only technical term....

by KaryDavis In reply to What???

...the homework slacker is going to get on this site....

...ok....maybe a few more...*WEG*

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I have many answers

by The Scummy One In reply to Too many Questions......?

however absolutely NO motivation to help your sorry a$$, lazy, POS self any further.
If you must continue with your existance, I really hope that you learn to do a little bit of research on your own. However, with your current state of mind and being, I would really, really hope that you flunk out and kill yourself for being too stupid to live.
Go get drunk and jump off of a cliff.

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