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Too many user profiles on XP machines?

By DEP_Dude77 ·
Has anyone ever heard of any issues with having too many user profiles on a Windows XP computer? At my current place of work, one of the other techs said when they first upgraded their computers to Windows XP, whenever they had many user profiles (say 5-10 or more), it caused major issues such as computer freezing up all the time, corrupting data, etc. As a result, they ended up re-formatting several PC's to correct these issues. Now, I'll be honest. I think what he is saying is not true or exaggerated. I can't imagine how this could crash several computers. I suppose if so much data was being kept on it and the hard drive was almost to capacity, it could cause problems. To me, JUST having 5-10 profiles causing major PC issues seems silly. Even if it was, that was probably 6-8 years ago and I'm sure it's not an issue now. However, I could be wrong. Has anyone heard of this? Any thoughts? Thanks.

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