Tool for tracking time between follow and unfollow in Twitter?

By bowjest ·
I've been asked to manage the twitter accounts for a couple of local charities.

They all already have 100+ followers, but things have stagnated. I would like to find a way to follow accounts and then come back again after a week or so and - if we have not been followed back - unfollow these accounts.

I'm hoping there is a tool or something that will allow me to do this without having to make a manual list of follows and then consult this again in a week or so to unfollow. The charities have quite a few accounts they want to follow that they know will never follow them back, so I don't want to unfollow everyone who isn't following back, just the new accounts I'm starting to follow going forward.

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RE: Tool for tracking time between follow and unfollow in Twitter?

by inatecktechnology In reply to Tool for tracking time be ...

Hello, There are tools available for the tracking unfollow in twitter but I don't know about if there is any tool which can tell the time of follow and unfollow. So, if you get it please also share here.


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by bowjest In reply to RE: Tool for tracking tim ...

Thanks for your input.

If I find such a tool, I will definitely share it.


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Twitter tools

by deborasumopayroll In reply to Tool for tracking time be ...

1. Twitter account home: The official overview of your Twitter profile
Head to for a detailed overview of all your activity in the past 28 days, including your top tweets, top mentions, and top followers.
2. stats for Twitter: Beautiful iOS app to analyze yours and others' Twitter accounts
See a visual breakdown of all sorts of Twitter stats: Followers analyzed by activity and popularity, competitors shown side-by-side with your account, etc.
3. present: Track how fast you respond on Twitter
Real-time reports on your response time, response rate, and performance based on industry benchmarks. Also, really pretty to look at.
4. SocialHunt: Track all activity for up to 5 tweeps
Receive an email every time someone shares to Twitter. Set the frequency from “now” to “daily.”

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