Tools for data protection

By samgord ·
I know that protecting your data means attacking the insider threat problem from two angles: technology and people. On the technology front, the first step is to make sure you’re properly staffed. ... How people can be sure what’s going on with their data at all times? Regardless of great policies and people, your data will still be at risk, so it is imperative to align tools with your policies. When selecting data security tools, it’s critical to ensure these tools will work seamlessly with the needs of the business. What tools do you use on regular basis?

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Looking for a reliable tool

by Smanahk In reply to Tools for data protection

Securing Your IT Environment is Critical. You need the best Network Security tools. I have been using Argus. It is one of the best free and open source tools available for network traffic analysis. Argus is all about efficient, in-depth analysis of network data, sifting through big chunks of traffic with fast, comprehensive reporting. Whether or not it’s the only traffic monitoring tool users need, it provides a solid foundation. But i would like to try something new. What tool do you prefer? Any reliable ones?

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Reliable tool

by samgord In reply to Looking for a reliable to ...

Now i have been testing new decentralized network - Utopia. Hardly see any drawbacks. It is specially designed to protect privacy of communication, confidentiality and security of personal data. There is no central server involved, meaning that there is no single point of failure that, if fails, will stop the entire system from functioning. My messages and files will never be stored on a third-party servers. It is specifically designed to protect privacy of communication, confidentiality and security of personal data. Their beta testing has already launched. Why don't you join Utopia beta program too?

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security software + backup software + encryption tool

by johnsmith90826 In reply to Tools for data protection

My perfect data protection solution:
computer security software (antivirus, internet security,privacy protection)
data backup software/service (local backup, cloud backup)
file encryption tool

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Secure must be on the first place.

by matthewjkent In reply to Tools for data protection

When you are buying your PC, or Laptop or mobile you will probably use the internet and instead of looking the authoritative websites or apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube where you can't get any harm( if we are not speaking about spending your time) you can harm your system with a lot of Malware and VIruses. The other problem is that your data is used for unknown purposes and even can be stolen. I have use da oot of tools but Avast (link removed by moderator) the best for me now because it really finds and deletes malware and antivirus and protect my system from invasion.

Speaking about privacy, you can't save yourself because the specialized tools adn apps can also stole your data. Just be attentive using internet.

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Tools for data protection

by jonesfill16 In reply to Tools for data protection

I will be answering this question based more on business experience.
When owning a business (or even working for someone) it's crucial to have a well working anti-virus, AdBloker and a VPN. From all three I'd say a VPN is most handy, some even have ant-virus and adbloker functions within them.
I'm saying this based on the fact that information is one of the most valuable things a business can own, so losing it or having it exposed can do serious damage. (link removed by moderator)

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Data Protection

by 011 Networks In reply to Tools for data protection

Other than a cell phone everything is hard-wired. Our servers, switches are in secure telco hotels. We are in the VoIP wholesale business and we encrypt our customers when they use our equipment. We are not a wireless provider. Personally, VPN in my router and hardcore Virus, Malware and internet protection. Think of who is the hardest to configure. Close ports you don't need open, open what and when you need to, and fiber to my house. I use Windows when necessary, prefer Linux with a Debian and Ubuntu kernel mix.

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DLP tool

by RonCloudGeek In reply to Tools for data protection

I use openDLP. It's free and completely open-source data loss prevention tool.

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data loss prevention

by peoplesofterp2020 In reply to Tools for data protection

Here are six tools that can help you manage your information security processes and achieve GDPR compliance
GDPR Data Breach Support Service
Data Flow Mapping Tool
Information Security and Cyber Security Staff Awareness E-learning Course
Penetration testing
DPO as a service (GDPR

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More tools

by Naheed Mir In reply to data loss prevention

Thanks for sharing the list. I will add the following to it:

1. NetApp Storage­GRID Webscale
2. Keyless SSLCloudFlare
3. Residential Proxy Network

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Things to Protect for Enterprises

by priyankaagarwalbda In reply to Tools for data protection

Before getting into any data security tool 1st understand the infrastructure of your company or individual and then access what you need to protect. It can be:
-Cloud Applications
-Network Access Control

Now to protect your Identity and Access Management choose a company that can accommodate all your needs. Remember you do not have to compromise with the solution.

My personal experience- I am an entrepreneur and have to be compliant with PSD (in Europe) I am using RCDevs Security Solution which is compliant as well as have a free signature platform that works via openOTP which again goes under MFA.

What solution you are using? Would love to hear from others.

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