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Tools & Resources to Make PHP Development Easy

By celinsmith111 ·
One should Offshore PHP Developer who are adept in Database designing, SLSC and have expertise in PHP framework like Zend, CI, YI, Codeignitor or CMS like Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. When you hire offshore developers you establish a profitable relationship.

Offshore PHP Development offer designing and programming services for global companies. Programmers, Zend certified, are experts in porting and Migration services, website and web development.

The services offered by offshore developers follow appropriate security measures and include: PHP web application development, PHP programming and scripting, product development, porting and migration, flash/ Flex integration, Content Management system, consulting, support and maintenance.
Customization is essential if you want to create an identity for your business. You can use PHP development as per your requirements.

Use social networking to promote your product:
Social networking has bought about revolutionary changes in the way we communicate with our friends. Professionally developed social networking sites help you with your business.

Social networking is intricately linked with internet marketing which makes it an efficient marketing tool. Social networking sites were originally meant to stay in touch with friends but now they can be used for promoting your products and for technical assistance.

Social networking websites are developed to keep pace with increasing competition and when you use offshore developers you get quality products within your budget. User friendly interface and websites with search features are characteristics of these developed websites.

The social networking website development includes Social Networking Website Development, Community Portal Development, Social Networking Solutions, and Social Networking Designing.

Tools for PHP development:
PHP is the favourite with about 20 million indexed domains besides websites like Facebook, Digg and WordPress. It is the preferred open source side scripting language to Python and Ruby.

Scores over other scripting language because of its well laid out documentation, large community, ready scripts and supported frameworks. With a vast pool of developers, it is worthwhile to have tools that make developing easy.

Webgrind, Xdebug, Gubed PHP, and DBG are Debugging tools. Webgrind can be installed quickly and works on most platforms. Xdebug can be used with PHP applications like Eclipse and PHPDesigner. Gubed PHP Debugger sorts out logic errors. For remote and local debugging, use DBG debugger.

Testing and Optimization tools include: PHPUnit, Simple Test, Selenium, PHP_CodeSniffer and dBug. PHPUnit tests the web’s scalability and stability; it is easy to write test cases within PHPUnit framework. SimpleTest offers a simple unit testing platform for applications. Selenium Remote Control can be used for automated Web application UI tests in most programming languages . PHP_CodeSniffer is a PHP 5 script which is useful testing tool for large projects. dBug consists of data tables which consist of information of arrays, classes and objects.

PHP documentation tools include: phpDocumentor and PHP DOX. phpDocumentor documents source code and PHP DOX is an AJAX search engine which helps you find documentation pages.

Security tools consist of Securimage and Scavenger. While Securimage affords protection from spam and abuse, Scavenger is a vulnerability management tool.

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