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Top Cyber Security Trends in 2020

By singhaparna095 ·
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As the threats on the computer are rising rapidly, the organizations are getting more and more aware of the Cyber Security trends. Here, we are going to discuss the latest trends, attacks, careers, courses, and possibilities that lie ahead in 2020.
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Top Trends to remain secure from on 2020

The cybersecurity practices are evolving each year but so are the techniques that hackers use to attack their hosts. It is transforming into a serious concern each year that threat protection is becoming harder and harder each year. Those days are long gone when you could just simply prevent an attack by installing a few layers of firewalls on your data storage infrastructure.

The medical sector is facing a threatening scenario because some companies have developed a solution that requires an internet connection to speed up the computing process of certain equipment where some data is processed off-site. That has opened up some big doors for attackers. Protecting medical equipment is a major concern for cybersecurity experts.

Although, IoT has transformed the transportation network it has also opened up new backdoors for hackers which can lead to widespread disruption of traffic.

Government infrastructure is under a constant threat and the hacks from social media accounts to websites are of an unprecedented amount.

These complex attacks that involve machine learning and AI require a solution to such standards. StoneFly DR365U coupled with SCVM is a perfect solution in such a scenario where you can set up backups in on-premises and the cloud using the mainstream backup software like Veeam, Acronis, Zerto, Commvault and more. Along with that the cloud connect allows you to set up backups in the cloud of your choice like Azure, AWS, and S3 hence making a hybrid backup environment. The software features include, replication, encryption, deduplication and AI-powered ransomware protection that ensure the safety of your virtual machines on KVM, Citrix, VMware, and Hyper-V.

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Cyberscurity trends in 2020

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Top Cyber Security Trend ...

Few cybersecurity trends to be looked upon in 2020 are –
1. Easy access to personal data can be risky as data protection still needs advanced security and also as there is very little transparency in data processing and data securing, the data can provide exact details of any user’s likes and dislikes.
2. The use of IoT devices has increased many folds and sometimes integration of web applications or automation is required and they can become a target for cyber attackers.
3. Mobile devices are also being targeted by cybercriminals.

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