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Top Secret Clearance w/ Lifestyle Polygraph....

By Mp3SpY ·
Anyone have a list of Salary Ranges for Cleared IT professionals. Obviously this is very dependent on Education and Experience. I am being sponsered for TS/SCI w/ lifestyle poly. I was quoted on a salary range for my specific amount of schooling and experience, but hey talk is cheap. I know there is many sites that illustrate salary caps and ranges for different geographical/career areas. Anything for Cleared Professionals?? Primarily, I think this information would be beneficial during the salary negotiation phase, if you pass the polygraph :) Usually, cleared professionals receive a substantially higher salary, but its always good to know the break down of each level.

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No salary difference

by stress junkie In reply to Top Secret Clearance w/ L ...

I've had secret level clearance at two different jobs. I don't believe that there is any expectation of an increase in salary just for having the clearance. It's more a matter of either being granted the clearance or losing the job.

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by jdgretz In reply to No salary difference

In a past life my clearances began where most people think they stop. Didn't give me any delta over those without clearances working for other companies, all it allowed me to do was get and keep the job I wanted.

Of course working on non-existant projects for customers that didn't exist in buildings that didn't belong to the folks I didn't work for was fun.


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My experience as well

by JamesRL In reply to Agreed

My clearance was a condition of employment. Similarly when I was promoted and my clearance level was increased, it was a condition of promotion.

I never worked in the super secret lab, but I did know where the nuclear materials were, and we had a conveniently located military base nearby, which provided helicopter surveillance and additional security when needed. Our security guards had gun envy.....:)


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Big Difference

by illilli In reply to Top Secret Clearance w/ L ...

Don't listen to those posters comparing apples to oranges! There is a huge difference between a cleared job at Secret or Top Secret and when you get your Lifestyle Poly. Right now, I estimate you can get 10-15 thousand more a year with the Lifestyle Poly. That's in the Washington, D.C. area however where the demand for this is extremely high. That number might be less in other places that require this type of clearance.

Just do two Monster Searches; one for your job skills and one for your job skills with lifestyle poly after it. There are enough employers that list salary on their sites that you can clearly see the difference. So, don't take my word for it, go look for yourself.

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Yup I agree...

by Mp3SpY In reply to Big Difference

5.5 Years Experience + BS in Information Systems + Top Secret CLearance/Lifestyle Poly for NSA. The quotes being discussed are between 75-80k/year.

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by amcol In reply to Yup I agree...

The other posters are correct.

I work for a Federal agency and have a top secret clearance, as does everyone in my agency. There is no comp delta associated with that's a condition of employment, that's all.

I employ contractors from several private sector firms. We require they all have top secret clearances as well, and that's also a condition of employment. None of those firms provides a comp delta for the clearance...they won't hire you if you don't have one, or if you have some unique skill they want they'll take you on and then sponsor your clearance. Either way, they don't pay any more money.

I recently attended a meeting of fellow Federal CIO's in which this issue came up, and what I'm describing is an across-the-board policy not specific to any one agency.

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Not Wrong Orange, Just Wrong Apple

by illilli In reply to Wrong

Hey, neither of us are technically wrong. What you say is technically correct I suppose. However, we are talking about a Top Secret Clearance WITH LIFESTYLE POLYGRAPH which is different than Top Secret Clearance alone. I am ignorant about what you mean by "comp delta", but if it's an official compensation amount, then I'm pretty sure there isn't one for Top Secret WITH LIFESTYLE POLYGRAPH either.

I thought we were talking about the actual dollar value difference that employers offer people with Top Secret clearances WITH LIFESTYLE POLYGRAPH. Employers pay people more money for complimentary skills when they have the LIFESTYLE POLYGRAPH. This fact is verifiable like I mentioned above through Monster.

Man, I know so many circumstances where people including myself think they know the ENTIRE environment based on what their own experience tells them, yet they are mislead. I find it amazing in others and REALLY amazing when I do it. I guess it is possible that this condition only exists here in the Washington, DC Metro area, but I assure you it exists here. If your Federal CIO's don't know about it then that's probably why they are Federal CIO's. I know the Federal CIO that we have to work with has trouble with spelling IT sometimes. I never believed that was representative of all Federal CIO's, but I wonder. My experience tells me it must be true based on 1 out of 1 experience.

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Well I can only tell you about my own experience

by JamesRL In reply to Not Wrong Orange, Just Wr ...

And its in Canada, but we have similar rules.

We did compensation studies, and we had a target rate for comp of the 50th percentile. We made no adjustments for the level of clearance required for the job - some employees needed the basic, som Secret, some Top Secret. When someone moved from one role to another and it was a lateral move, and they required higher clearance, we didn't give them any extra pay.

I think the difference between that scenario and yours is market forces. Obviously the rarer the clearance and the more demand, the more someone would have a delta in pay. We don't have the longish waits for clearance in Canada, and thats probably a factor.


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Thanks for another apple

by illilli In reply to Well I can only tell you ...

Our original poster put the words LIFESTYLE POLYGRAPH in the title of his post for a reason. It is a special kind of clearance that only a few United States agencies require. I happen to know that Canada has a similar caveated clearance and I bet if you did a compensation study on just that one aspect, you might find that it did indeed have a "delta" in pay. If you ignore a dimension of the domain, that doesn't mean it doesn't affect your bottom line.

No offense to you from Canada, but thank GOD a lot of us IT people didn't decide to become Rocket Scientists!

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Thanks for being an ***

by JamesRL In reply to Thanks for another apple

You know when someone says "no offense" its just an excuse to say something offensive.

I was offering a datapoint, no more, no less. Because that datapoint happens to contradict your theorem, you not only reject it but insult the poster.

As someone who did some work with IT security in a nuclear firm, I do have some exposure to the Government security models in Canada. Because we had US partner firms, I know about similar clearances in the US.

I was not trying to argue your point, I was providing data. Try and not be so touchy.


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