Top Secret w/ Lifestyle Polygraph

By TMS224 ·
My husband is changing jobs and will apply for a Top Secret w/ Lifestyle Polygraph. He is a very honest man and good citizen as I believe myself and most of my family and his to be.

My big concern however is that my father has had some criminal history and suffers from mental health issues. I am worried that he will be interviewed and ruin it for my husband.

Is it likely that my father would be interviewed for my husband's security clearance application?

Is it likely that my father's lifestyle will prevent my husband from getting his clearance?

I appreciate any info you can give me - I am such a worry-wart.

Thank you!

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I'm slightly confused here ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Top Secret w/ Lifestyle P ...

What does YOUR father's criminal background have to do with some bloke that met, then married you?

If it were HIS father then there might be grounds to worry.

Unless your father is/was a mafia boss, and your husband married into the 'business' as well as you, then forget it.

Of course, I can only speak for how Positive Vetting is carried out in the UK.

(Having been PV'd twice myself)

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No direct experience

by JamesRL In reply to Top Secret w/ Lifestyle P ... US clearances, but lots of experience in Canada.

In Canada, as long as your husband has no history in business with your father, there wouldn't be an issue.

Hopefully it is similar in the US.


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Thank you

by TMS224 In reply to No direct experience

No, my hubby has no connection to my father, other than through me. You both put my mind at rest. I didn't think it would be a problem, but it's a relief to know for sure. Thank you!

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just curious

by shasca In reply to Thank you

Why did you choose to join, and then ask this question on this type of Forum?

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Well, she found me.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to just curious

I'm on this Forum.

Many IT personnel have had security posts, posts in Armed Forces, financial institutions, government departments: places of employment all covered by Security Contracts, Official Secrets Act, that sort of stuff.

To have done so, you would need to have been, as I was, Positively Vetted. :)


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didn't intend to join anything

by TMS224 In reply to just curious

I did a search on google for this type of clearance as my husband told me a little about it and I wanted to find out more. This site came up, so I asked here. Didn't know where else to ask and didn't intend to join anything as I am a social worker, not a tech person. But I had to join to ask the question.

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Well it depends on the job really

by OH Smeg In reply to Top Secret w/ Lifestyle P ...

Most times Security Vets do not include family that the person being vetted isn't living with though there may be a cursory search done of all people that have access to him.

But if there is no other contact other than by marriage it shouldn't affect the ability to get/hold a position.

However if the position was for an operative Under Cover it may count against the applicant but then again it's not the type of position that someone with a family should be undertaking anyway.

For normal Office type Work your Father will not even be looked at beyond the fact that he is your father. SO that will not have any effect but when things go wrong which they do in these positions your father may be interviewed then and that could make life difficult down the track.

Personally it's best to get this type of thing out in the open from the word go rather than have it surface after something has gone wrong in the work place and suspicious People start interviewing people.


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Most Helpful

by TMS224 In reply to Well it depends on the jo ...

Thank you! I found your post the most informative and helpful:)

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WHAT ??!! You'd seriously believe a Crim ??? <NT> :^0

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Most Helpful
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