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Top ten reasons to vote for John McCain

By maxwell edison ·
(Due credit given to Dave Letterman for borrowing his top ten list idea)

10. To see how old a president can get before senility sets in!

9. So we can have office pools picking the number of days before Sarah Palin becomes president!

8. So Jimmy Carter isn't the only graduate of the Naval Academy to become President!

7. So we can watch Hillary Clinton take another shot at Barack Obama in 2012!

6. Who would the Democratic Party have to demonize if there wasn't at least one Republican left standing?

5. Because when the White House bedtime is 8:00, the rest of the country can PARTY!

4. Because Todd's offered to take-on all comers in an annual snow machine race around the beltway!

3. Because hanging a moose head in the White House would really **** off PITA!

2. To hear the jokes when President McCain blows-off Dave Letterman like Candidate McCain did!

1. To guarantee four more years of Tina Fey spoofing Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live!

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Top Ten for Palin

by jmgarvin In reply to Top ten reasons to vote f ...

#10: ?Let?s practice your bewildered silence?
#9: ?Can you try saying ?Yes? instead of ?You betcha???
#8: "Hey, I can see Mexico from here!?
#7: ?Maybe we?ll get lucky and there won?t be any questions about Iraq, taxes, or health care?
#6: ?We?re screwed!?
#5: ?Can I just use that lipstick-pit bull thing again??
#4: ?We have to wrap it up for the day ? McCain eats dinner at 4:30″
#3: ?Can we get Congress to bail us out of this debate??
#2: ?John Edwards wants to know if you?d like some private tutoring in his van?
#1: ?Any way we can just get Tina Fey to do it??

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But I love "You betcha"

by maxwell edison In reply to Top Ten for Palin
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The reason for "you betcha" & other homey phrases

by DelbertPGH In reply to But I love "You betcha"

I read that the Federal government in the 1930s relocated a bunch of Minnesotans to the town next door to Wasila. It helps explain why she often sounds like a character out of Fargo.

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Oh, get over it

by maxwell edison In reply to The reason for "you betch ...

...... never mind.

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No, I'm serious

by DelbertPGH In reply to Oh, get over it

I don't particularly like her cadence, but I know lots of nice people from Minnesota, including me, my mother, and my grandparents. (Born there. Moved to Craig CO in high school. I may have even talked a little like her for a while.) I wondered why she sounded like a country & western Minnesotan so much of the time. Here's a link:**32_palinaccent05.html

Know your candidate, by golly!

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I am so glad this wasn't a serious discussion.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Top ten reasons to vote f ...

Good one. I need a laugh. I think we all do if we're paying the least bit of attention.

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Serious? Me?

by maxwell edison In reply to I am so glad this wasn't ...
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Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Obama

by NickNielsen In reply to Top ten reasons to vote f ...

In the interest of equal opportunity...

10. He knows how many houses he has.

9. He?ll open up the State of the Union address with ?Whazzzzz Ahhhp!?

8. Air Force One will have some pimped out rims.

7. A hearty handshake will be replaced with exchanging knuckles.

6. The president of Russia will be addressed as ?That mutha fu@$a.?

5. Chris Rock will be the White House Press Secretary.

4. ?Droppin? some bombs,? will take on a whole new meaning.

3. They?ll get rid of that bowling alley in the White House and put in a full Basketball Court.

2. He?s not an oil man, he?s a soul man.

And the number one reason to vote for Obama

1. He?s old enough to be John McCain?s son.

Borrowed from the Daily Bragger ( Edited for format

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Well Done

by maxwell edison In reply to Top Ten Reasons to Vote f ...

I wanted a chuckle, thus my discussion topic. Thanks for adding to it.

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It seemed appropriate

by NickNielsen In reply to Well Done

Thanks for starting it. I needed a chuckle too. Stuff's been getting way too serious around here lately.

Found a voice of reason today as well: I have no idea if it's her normal voice, but today it's damn reasonable.

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