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Top Tier Business Schools a detractor?

By cg7780_123 ·
A hot topic for any professional working in the for-profit domain is that of education, specifically b-school. Face it, whether we are gearheads, PM's, BA's, SA's, or Managers we all work for a business who's sole purpose is to make money. So, an MBA or a business degree will certainly be a very good supplement to technical skills but what about the ranking of the school?

I wanted to start a discussion on something I heard about recently that really got me thinking. Here's the situation a colleague told me about (at their company): department posted a job, candidates came in, interviews started, then, surprisingly enough, the first candidates to get eliminated were those from top-tier business schools! The reasoning? They may be too expensive. Of course there could be a myriad of other reasons for passing on someone and school by far isn't the only thing to consider for a potential candidate, but I thought it was a very interesting perspective. Wondering what everyone else thinks about this situation. Or if you weigh-in on the value of b-schools and/or any graduate level coursework when considering candidates for a job. Looking forward to it!

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