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Top Web Design Tools: Free, Responsive, New and Best

By krishankv91 ·
Sketch- Exclusive Web Design Tool for Mac OS X:
When it comes to web design or UI design then Photoshop is a good tool to help you with. But when you want to save you time and giving you extra feature, Sketch should be your first choice. This application is exclusively for Mac. No windows version is available here. In recent time Adobe has introduced Adobe XD that was officially launched in October. Still, people prefer Sketch over Adobe products. The thing is that as the project file size increases, Photoshop starts to lose control.

Adobe XD- Alternative for Sketch on Window:
It is a vector design and wireframing tool by the Adobe. It made its official appearance in October. Before that is was on its Beta version in May. It has a drawing tool, non-static integration defining tool, mobile and desktop preview app and many more. The thing that makes it more useful is its preloaded content. One thing that you will love about it is that you can copy things from other Adobe app. Although Adobe XD do not replace Sketch there is one problem that Sketch have. It is hard to believe that every web designer is working on OS X or simply Mac. Adobe XD is available on both and that makes file sharing flexible with it. You can cope with your team easily.

Figma- Available to All Web Designer Tool:
Figma is another tool that is used to build a beautiful interface. This application allows multiple designers to collaborate in real time. The best thing about it is that it is available on all platform, web, Windows, Mac and Linux. You can take help from people within the application. Also, the designing on the Figma is comparatively quick. Many web developers are using this application for collaboration. As it is available on all popular platform it makes it easy to let the designing go on. If you are not able to find it then web application will help you here. Also, it is good for making a landing page or other design frameworks. It can generate great designs easily for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Anime.JS- First Library for Web Design Tool in This List:
Web graphics are getting a bad reputation as the time is passing by. CSS may have solved the some of their problems. But as the complication increases in the design libraries comes in handy. Anime.js is also a library that will help you with the SVG designs, CSS, individual transformations, DOM attributes and JS objects. This animation engine will add complicated animation to your web content very easily.

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