toplog multiplying rapidly and filling server space

By douglasemc ·
i'm having a problem with a new server we are using to host our email client (exim)
today we found 250,000 files in the folder /var/log/dcpumon
all of them of this kind:
toplog.1201893361 toplog.1201896061 toplog.1201898761
toplog.1201893661 toplog.1201896361 toplog.1201899062
toplog.1201893961 toplog.1201896661 toplog.1201899362
toplog.12018**561 toplog.1201894261 toplog.1201896961
toplog.12018**861 toplog.1201894561 toplog.1201897261 toplog.1201899961 toplog.1201902661
toplog.1201892162 toplog.1201894861 toplog.1201897561 toplog.1201900261 toplog.1201902961
toplog.1201892461 toplog.1201895161 toplog.1201897861 toplog.1201900561 toplog.1201903262
toplog.1201892761 toplog.1201895461 toplog.1201898161 toplog.1201900861
toplog.1201893061 toplog.1201895761 toplog.1201898461 toplog.1201901161

they multiply by the minute, and i really don't know what is generating them!
i checked the crontab and there's nothing (that i can tell) related to that folder or those files i also did find /etc -type f | xargs grep toplog and nothing...

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