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topology and cabling

By cnmartin13 ·
Presently i am a student and I have a few questions to ask. How do you decide which topology to use (besides cost) in any given situation? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of the diffenent cables?

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Research needed

by BardDoug In reply to topology and cabling

In my humble opinion, your question is too broad to be tackled in a forum like this. It sounds like you need to read a chapter or two from a textbook or technical reference on networking. If you currently do not have such a book, you might try your school's library.

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thank you

by cnmartin13 In reply to Research needed

Thank you BradDoug for your suggestion. I will take your suggestion on researching. Is there any web sites you can suggest base on this topic?

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Check out Cisco's website

by TylerDurden In reply to thank you

Check out They've got a lot of info in their technical documents section that pertains to general network design considerations, explanation of protocols, etc. Might be a good start.

Also, this is very general, but I would begin by focusing on some very basic concepts:

Ethernet Networking
Network Security (Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, VPN)

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cable usage

by mark In reply to topology and cabling

dear friend,
one of the advantages is the cost of all cable differs some cables are cheap but not tested to the standard abilities.
So you might end up slowing down your network and some times you feel like the nework is conjested.
So please use those cables which are purely AVAYA,SIEMON and ALCATEL CABLES.
Another thing you should also use first classs switches or hubs which can run on 10/100 mbps.
I think this is enough for you.

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