Toshiba A105-54364 Laptop Audio Problem

By db ·
Audio from speakers can hardly be heard, despite controls at maximum. Any way to fix this?


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First - check with external speakers / headphones ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Toshiba A105-54364 Laptop ...

To make sure that it's not the internal sound chip amp that is the cause.

If the external speakers / headphones have normal sound levels when altered by the system sliders, then it's either the internal speakers or the headphone jack socket.

The speakers may have been previously over-driven and they've simply 'popped'. If the paper cones have been damaged they'll need replacing.

It might be the headphones jack socket. Repeated plugging and unplugging to and from the socket may have misaligned the contect that is broken when a jackplug is inserted and makes a contact when the jackplug is removed. If this contact is not 'making' properly it could result in a lower volume from the speakers.

On the other hand, depending on which sound chip is in this laptop, is there another sound control icon in the sys tray?

Some computers have a 'sound effects' utility program that resides in the sys tray. THIS might be set to a low volume and have priority over the normal audio properties volume slider.

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