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Toshiba A70 / A75 random freeze

By tufop ·
Have any Toshiba A70/ A75 model Satillite owners experience random freezes, reboots, or black screens since the cold weather started?

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by RCOM In reply to Toshiba A70 / A75 random ...

If you have it in a cold car for a long period let the unit have time to adjust to room temperature before starting. Condensation could build up and the moisture could cause problems.

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by tufop In reply to Toshiba A70 / A75 random ...

Toshiba has asaid there is a problem with the A70 / A75 models and will be posting a Service Bulletin this week so A70 /A75 owners can get their systems repaired.

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by tufop In reply to

The Toshiba Service Bulletin that covers the A70 / A75 radom freeze and rebooting is Service Bulletin #98081599 which does not seem to be posted on Toshiba's public web site but is on their internal site. The cause of the freezing and/or rebooting is static. Walk acroos a rug and touch the left speaker cover. You can also freeze the system by just moving your hands from the touchpad to the keyboard. Toshiba is addressing this problem and has taken steps to advise their outsourced technical support about this. The outsourced technical support was still telling customers as late as last week they knew nothing about this. The service bulletin was issued on 1/7/2005 and covers all A70 and A75 models. Toshiba is replacing the upper cover of the laptop case. The only problem I see is static discharges that are bad enough to freeze or reboot a system are bad enough to damage the memory, motherboard circuits etc. and Toshiba does not say they are performing diagnostics to verify no damage has occurred to the circuits and/or memory. I know A70/ A75 owners who have had this problem for several months (since the cold weather started) This is an excellent example of what to expect from outsourced technical support.

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by sa_palmer In reply to Toshiba A70 / A75 random ...

My toshiba will just power off as if it had no battery in it and someone just pulled the plug.

I have heard the speaker grills take an static charge from the user and it causes it to reboot.

Also heard that the top part of case is in need of replacement.

But my laptop also reboots when i sam sittin on the couch 5 feet away from it.

It sucks I cant get toshiba or Best Lie to replace it and it is not even 2 months old.

should have bought a Dell, but I was in Rush.
Should have left the store and looked at reviews on the net.

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by sa_palmer In reply to

Tufop: Did you hear tthis or actually see the memo on website I find it hard to believe that Tosh would admit that and open it up to a massive exchange program and or CA Lawsuit.there are alot of ppl out there with a70 / a75 laptops that are having this problem I have a a75-s209 and its worthless

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by Boiler87 In reply to Toshiba A70 / A75 random ...

When you send it in for repair do not expect to get it back in a timely manner. We have had two at the repair depot for since March 7(today is the 31st).

I have been given three dates when the part will be in.

We will never buy Toshiba again.

On the positive side they did run diagnostics on the two we sent in and they are going to replace the systemboard on one of the machines.

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